There are a lot of apartments for rental Kingston for students who are looking forward to taking various courses and programs in universities in Canada. These apartments for rent in Kingston ensure that students are accorded state-of-the-art accommodation as they study and strive to become what they’re destined to be. So, where are some of these apartments for rent in Kingston Ontario that students can take advantage of?


If you are looking for a state-of-the-art apartment for rentals in Kingston, then you could start by looking at this place. It has some of the best apartments that you could take advantage of. Apartments in this place have features such as two bedrooms that are ideal for two couples; ample sunny living rooms; Oak hardwood floors; exposed limestone and brick walls that have a gas-heated fireplace; and washer and drier and so much more. Living in these apartments for rentals in Kingston Ontario is just breathtaking and satisfying at the same time.

From $1,995, you could find an amazing apartment in this area. You should note that these apartments are usually leased to students from May. You should be time conscious if you want to live in one of these amazing apartments as you take your program.


From $1,395, you could get an apartment rental Kingston Ontario in this location. Most of the apartments in this location are single bedroom apartments. This is ideal for single couple who are looking to have some private lifestyle while studying in their favorite university college. Even though the apartments are in original older styles, they feature some of the latest tech that only few students’ apartments have. For example, they have keyless entries that have been made possible by the video security entrance and digital door locks systems.

Other features include dispatched maintenance system, KGH hardwood and LVT plank floors. You are assured of top-notch security if you live in these apartments. And since these apartments for rent Kingston ON are registered with the local health unit, smoking inside them is prohibited. This means that you will not smoke while you are anywhere around them because it will be a violation of rules if you smoke a cigarette there.


If you’re looking for apartment for rent Kingston that have some historical significance, then this is the location to visit. Most apartments that are found in this location were built in 1817, bringing that old architectural skills and look to the modern time. You get a taste of what those who were before you experienced even though you’re living in a modern society.

From $2,995, you could get a very descent apartment. So, what are some of the features of the apartments that are found in this location? These apartments are equipped with appliances such as dishwashers, washers and dryers. Also, they have high efficiency gas heat fireplaces.  And if you’re looking for some sun tanning and BBQ, then this is your number one location. With their 3-bedroomed apartments for rentals Kingston and close proximity to social spots such as the City Park, this area has some exquisite and exclusive apartments that you could rent while you’re pursuing your career.

Whether you’re looking for a single-bedroomed apartment or a three-bedroomed one, apartments for rent Kingston Ontario has you covered. All you need to do if you want to grab these opportunities is to contact housing providers in the aforementioned locations and find an apartment rentals Kingston that interests you. For more information, you could visit

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