Finding the right piece of furniture that looks both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable often presents a major challenge: whether you are looking for a recliner chair for your home or a premium office chair for your office, you have a certain idea You want to have met. At Apendics, you now have the opportunity to find exactly what you have been looking for. Stay tuned and get more information about our durable furniture!

Apendics sells both Conform armchairs ( ) and Wagner office chairs. The main focus is now on these two brands. Conform is a brand that comes from Scandinavia. The goal here is to combine beauty with functionality, as evidenced by the Conform Timeout recliner chair. On the Conform armchairs the simple and timeless form can be observed, which is usually available in a rotatable version. As the name implies, a Conform Timeout armchair gives you the opportunity to take a break and leave the stresses of everyday life behind. A big selling point with these seats is the longevity of these pieces of furniture. With Apendics you have the possibility to receive your goods by means of an express delivery or to configure them freely. You can choose from a variety of leathers, fabrics or sheepskin. Top sellers can be delivered within 2 weeks. You also have the option of consulting a telephone counseling service with a free hotline for information.
Wagner is a brand that is best known for its Wagner office chairs. These are premium office chairs with a Dondola seat joint, which have an ergonomic seat based on the exercise ball principle. Choose from a wide range of AluMedic models with a Dondola seat joint. These ensure that you get both the perfect balance for your body and a wide range of movement at your workplace. In this way, your organism does not feel the strain of a long, hard working day. At Apendics you will find a wide range, which is immediately available. Included with the purchase of a Wagner office chair from Apendics is a free introduction to the controls of the fully assembled AluMedic. Here, the Wagner office chair is optimally matched with regard to ergonomics at your workplace. You can buy the breathable Wagner office chairs on account. At Wagner, too, you have the option of a free consultation with a telephone specialist.

As you have already discovered, Apendics has a variety of seating not only designed to fill your living space or workspace, but also to support your body in the best possible way, whether to recover after a hard day's work or a workout Do not physically perceive the day's efforts. No matter what you ultimately choose, you can be sure that you will benefit in the long term from the positive effects of the purchased Wagner office chair. Take a look at the range and find your personal companion, in every situation, for your well-being at Apendics.
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