Apology Letter To Husband For Hurting Him: How To Say Sorry To Husband In Romantic Way

"I'm sorry." Those can be some of the toughest words that we ever say. It's especially difficult to say when we're naturally strong-willed or stubborn. But remember that old adage about actions speaking louder than words do. Even if you're willing to apologize verbally, you'll also likely need to show that you're sorry. Here are some of the most effective ways to do it:

1. Put it in writing.

Sometimes it's really hard to verbally say what's on our minds. One of the best ways to transfer our thoughts and emotions into words is by writing them down. This could be a letter, a poem, or even a story. The main benefit of creating a written apology is that you'll have time to contemplate what you want to say, and then phrase everything perfectly. While giving a verbal apology is more spontaneous, there's also the risk of saying something wrongly, or saying the wrong thing.

2. Create an easy artsy thing.

This will be especially special if you're not an artsy person. Write your offenses on a big piece of poster board, and then ask your spouse or sweetheart to drive around with the poster board in his or her car. Another option is to use the headlines in newspapers and magazines to spell out your apology. There are tons of other artsy things that you could do, to show that you're sorry. The good news is that you don't have to be a Picasso to create them. What's more important is that you're sincere and creative when creating the apology.

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3. Act out the apology.

You can do this yourself, or hire a professional to do it. While the apology should be sincere, the acting itself can be wacky. Your spouse or sweetheart will likely appreciate both the effort you put into making the apology, as well as the lighthearted format. Arguments can be really intense times, so the acting could create some needed comic relief.

4. Create a photo album.

These are fantastic for chronicling a relationship, including one that's recently had some hard times. The pictures should include happy times that you and your spouse or sweetheart shared during the past. The last picture should include a reenactment of your wrongdoing, and the words "I'm sorry." Why is this approach effective? It shows that your relationship has been solid in the past, and it shows your remorse.

5. Do something your spouse or sweetheart likes to do.

This should be something that you normally wouldn't enjoy doing. Make sure to keep the event a secret, so he or she won't have any idea about what you're up to. Then before the two of you enjoy the activity that your someone special likes, give your apology. The activity itself could be virtually anything that your spouse or sweetheart enjoys doing. Keep in mind that the activity isn't as important as the apology that you give.

Besides saying the words "I'm sorry" to your spouse or sweetheart, you can show that you're apologetic. These are some of the best ways to prove that you mean what you say.

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Marriage is a sacred thing. You must commit to your partner only if you are very sure that you have found the right person you can spend your lifetime with. But that is only the ideal setting. As the relationship last and as you get to know each other better, both the positive and negative sides, you have two ways to go. You either go on with the flow, singing a happy tune all along. Or you look for tips to save a marriage to try a quick fix with your problems because if nothing is going to be done, you might end up separate ways.

If you are serious about finding tips to save a marriage, you are on the right track. You are having a rough time, but you won't easily give up. You are still willing to try what others would say about the matter and apply it on your relationship. And that is a very good thing. You have to try to work things out before you start calling your lawyers to start the divorce proceedings. Some people would hastily get out of the relationship for simple reasons that can still be fixed. Think about what you have gone through together. If you have kids, think about them and how they would feel if ever the separation will push through.

Here are some more tips to save a marriage that you can include on your agenda to finding peace amidst the hurdles that your relationship may be faced with.

1. Keep your promises. Whether you are the husband or wife, if you have said something that you know is very important to your partner, keep it. Regardless of how petty or small the promise seems to be, you must make sure that you abide by what you said. This way, you won't easily lose the trust that your partner has on you. Trust is everything when it comes to relationship. And this is one base that you can enhance such factor, by keeping your promises and staying true to your words.

2. Avoid getting jealous and judgmental. When jealousy strikes you, you will be enveloped by a negative feeling and thoughts that may lead for you to become judgmental. This is something that must be avoided as much as possible when you are in a relationship, especially in marriage. If you can't help but be jealous, do not try to analyze things that you don't understand by yourself. You might only create impressions based on what you have seen. Instead, try to talk it out, but make sure that you keep an open mind while doing so.

3. Talk things out before you start lashing into one another. You have to talk matters with your partner in a very diplomatic way at all times. Your conflict won't be resolved if you will say hurtful words to one another.

4. It is better to be quiet if you are angry to make sure that you don't say too much hurtful words that you might later regret saying.

5. Do not ever resort to any types of abuse.

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Nobody sets out wanting to destroy a marriage on purpose. But there are dangerous things that you can do that will put your marriage at risk. The reason for this article is to identify those ways that jeopardize a marriage and for you to be fully aware of them so that they do not destroy your relationship.

Stop Listening to your Spouse

Stop listening to your spouse and you easily put your marriage at risk. Once a partner senses opinions are not valued or you go ahead and do what you want irrespective of what they say, you have created a serious problem for yourself. Some spouses go ahead to even tell their partner that they are tired of listening to them

You drive distance between you and your partner. Nobody wants to be in a relationship where there is no fairness or equality.

Have an Affair

Never get married if you cannot stay faithful to your partner. Unfortunately, people still get married and have extramarital affairs. You might have a different opinion about what led you to do it. But what you communicate to your partner is " I don't find you attractive enough".

A spouse who finds out a partner has been cheating will never take it lying down. This will be a bad situation for the you and the kids who might get caught up in a custody mess. You will also pay your divorce lawyer some good money. And face the prospect of living alone without family.

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Get Selfish

Having a family comes with responsibilities. And the day you start to put your own interests ahead of your family, you are speeding your marriage towards divorce. When you do not care about what your spouse thinks or you could care less about what your kids want, your marriage becomes a bomb ticking to explode.

Have an Addiction

When you have an addiction it controls you. And when it controls you it threatens your relationship and family. When you are addicted to drugs, you will do anything to get a fix even if it means destroying your family.

Even if you regret your actions when sober and you do not kick the habit, it makes no difference. You will destroy your marriage without even lifting a finger.

It is possible to threaten a marriage by yourself without any help from anybody. Just by being stubborn and not listening to your spouse can damage the chances of a healthy relationship. Having an affair or addiction and thinking only your opinions count are signs that a divorce is on the way.

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So what happened? This is the question that you'd like me to give you the answer. If I tell you, that you already know the answer. If I tell you that you are already aware of why your relationship ended. Look, everyone breaks up, there is no perfect relationship and to be honest, you do not want it to be perfect, because it will be too fake. You want some arguments, this is when you know the other person cares. When people don't argue, they let everything accumulate, grow inside and then explode. And when it explodes, you are where you are right now. End of the relationship. You can't really dictate why and how all this happened. You will try to digest the cause and effect of the process and try to determine what could of been avoided. You must of heard the phrase:" hey its not working out, lets be friends or take a break".

Some reason for break up are obvious, which is infidelity, but then again, this can also be overcome. There are ways to go around that dreadful conversation that you found out your spouse had an affair. We will talk about that later. Now, since opposite sex have different reasons why they leave the relationship, lets tackle one by one.

Why will the men leave the relationship? Well, because they are no longer getting the attention or effort they use to get from their spouse. Lets face it ladies. In the beginning, you use to always get yourself sexy and prepped before heading out on a date with your significant other. Use to stay in shape, wear sexy lingerie and have enough make up not too look like lady Gaga but enough to show us you made the effort to look great for us. So when all this stops, it shows that the motivation to look nice and sexy is gone, hence not caring about how we feel towards you. You start wearing sweats around the house, look like you just woke up but its 3:00pm in the afternoon, not caring about being in shape, start developing a muffin top in your tummy, and basically letting yourself go.

Now if that is not enough to push your spouse away, you start busting their chops about everything and anything. Hence, the male will start looking for something else. Someone that is better, someone that is sexier, someone that respect them and make the effort to look nice for them. This is how and why the male decide to step out of the relationship and move towards another one. Obviously, this approach will not fix the issue, because whoever they decide to go with, might end up the same way, means that the chosen women will eventually decide to let herself go also once she feels the relationship is stable. Then the whole cycle starts all over again.

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The key to this scenario is that male crave admiration, they need to know their mate admire what they do, how they make things work so it creates a serene environment for the couple. You, the women, need to always let your man know that he is wanted and admired, all the time, or he might look for that admiration from someone else. It is up to you to make a difference. Men do not leave because of someone that is prettier or thinner or look like she came out of the playboy mansion. He is looking for a void that you created at home, a void that he craves so much that he is willing to take a risk to jeopardize a lifelong relationship. Man are creatures of habits, and it is up to you to provide that constant positive feedback so you can make sure to keep them by your side.

Now, this is the perspective of the women. Why do women leave their spouse?
Now men, this one is for you. Why do women leave? Lack of appreciation. Not that it is about a them being high maintenance, which for many men, a high maintenance women is equal to needing Donald Trump bank account to make her happy. High maintenance means a lot, especially when it comes to emotional high maintenance. They don't need the attention primarily, but they need you to tell them how you appreciate them. It is all about communication. When a women cheat, they end up being in the arms of what we call DonJuan or Casanovas. These are the type of men who showers your lady with attention, give them what they need and at the end gets what they need, which is sex with your wife/girlfriend. Yes, you heard me. Now, they first start being an open ear, listen to your wife issues, and show empathy.

Then they go for the gold. They offer them special attention, say how bad of a husband you are, how this or that and they go for the kill. Obviously, these DonJuans or Casanovas loves the fact that the women is in relationship with you, but when the women decide to either break up or divorce, the DonJuan start feeling overwhelmed by the divorcee wanting to be with them and decide to dump them like they dumped their husband. Karma is a BITCH. Remember ladies, the Grass is not greener on the other side, and falling for these donjuans or Casanovas will come back and bite you in the ass. Then you will realize that your husband wasn't that bad of a men, and if you are lucky enough, your husband might take you back. Believe me though, you will need to work your butt off to make this marriage work, because you've broken your trust and that is hard to get back.

Women and man feel differently after an affair in the relationship. The men will lose all admiration towards the women, but the women feels differently. It will be more likely that a women will not end a relationship after an affair or actually try her best to make it work with her spouse. As long as the men shows her appreciation or that he still wants her, she will do her best to make it work.

Millions of women out there knows that their husband are having affair and they choose not to leave because they feel that their husband shows lots of appreciation towards them. For most women, loyalty honest and faithfullness can be secondary to them as long as their spouse is showing motivation and love. When its the women who cheats, the women eventually discover that the man she is with is eventually BETTER then the man she had an affair with. The way that happens will be explained in the later article. Remember, if you want your marriage to work, you need to make a CHANGE. The ONLY person you can change is yourself, and once you accomplish that, your significant other will notice these changes and will adapt themselves to them. Do not worry, your marriage or relationship still has a chance to survive, and I will help you get to it.

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