Meaning OF Apostasy

The term itself is from the Greek expression “apostasies” and is very much like rejecting or separating oneself from a specific faith or convinced spiritual principles. It is alike to a dismissal of views that were once believed and accommodating different beliefs and might even be a rejection of the beliefs that were formerly held. We can say if someone changes to another faith, they discard or turn away from their religion from something they once supposed and turn to trusting in another, much dissimilar religion or it might be a dropping away from whatever to do with religion. Apostasy can also be measured rejection or insolence of what was before held to be true and experienced and protesting against that same religion and applies. Somebody or some group of people who does this are measured an apostate.

Apostasy in Islamic point Of View

According to Islam, every child is born with the inborn ability to know and trust in his Creator Allah almighty this thought has been located by God into his nature. Apostasy mentions to when a Muslim becomes a disbeliever by saying a clear declaration to that effect, or by expressing words which suggest disbelief. Apostasy in beliefs, such as relating others with Allah Almighty, repudiating Him, or rejecting a characteristic which is established to be one of His qualities, or by confirming that Allah has a son.

Whoever trusts that is an apostate and a disbeliever. In Islam, the concept of disloyalty is not incomplete to radical and military features; it also has a spiritual and cultural measurement to it. In the Islamic order of holiness, Allah, then the Prophet, and then the Quran conquer the uppermost places. In Islam One GOD, Prophet Hood, and hereafter and judgment day are the composition of Islam. Just as maintenance and defensive the composition of a country is the sign of loyalty, and dejection it is a form of disloyalty - in the same way, open refusal of the important principles of Islam by a Muslim is a performance of treason.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “It is not permissible to drain the blood of a Muslim who tolerates witness that there is no god except Allah and that I am His Messenger, but in one of three cases: a soul for a soul murder a married man who obligates falseness; and one who leaves his faith and separations from the believers.”

The punishment set by the Islamic laws for apostasy is death. Even the words used by the law for apostates give the knowledge of disloyalty to this whole situation. Apostate called a "Murtad" means apostate a person who is inherited from a Muslim parent and then he discards Islam. One more term is using it. It also indicates that the person has defector from the faith in which he was born. The death punishment is only for the men but for the women it’s changed she will be in prison for the rest of her life.

The evidence that the apostate is to be implemented is the words of the Prophet (PBUH): Whoever changes his religion, execute him or punished him.” What is inevitable by religion here is Islam (for example whoever changes from Islam to another religion.

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