The general appearance of the chakra can be visualised as a a twining plant with trumpetshaped flowers. The stalk of the flower reaches into the spine with the flower extending out from the spine to the outer body and etheric double.

The divine energy from the Solar Logos pours into each centre. On the surface of the etheric double it sets up at right angels to itself and the energy pours forth. Then the secondary energy flows in a circular motion through the chakra. In a sense, it resembles the bar magnet and induction coil. Our electrical current is produced as the induction coil flows around the coil at right angles to the axis and direction of the magnet.

It is this circular motion which is clearly seen by clairvoyants and gives the impression of the chakras resembling wheels. However, this circular shape is most prominent on the outer level at the point where the divine energy enters through the etheric double. As you go closer to the physical body and spine, the full shape of the chakra is revealed. As the primary force enters the vortex, it radiates again at right angles, but this time in a straight line and the centre of the vortex resembles the hub of a bicycle wheel with the straight lines being the spokes of the wheel. It is these spokes which bind the astral and etheric bodies together. Whether through magnetism or force, the inner and outer worlds are joined, thus giving the human the vitality and prana (life force) needed to stay alive.

The number of spokes depends on the force-centre that the divine energy enters through. The chakra will determine the number of spokes that each will exhibit. The lower chakras have less spokes than the higher chakras - the higher the number of spokes the deeper the connection to the inner worlds. These ?spokes' have often been referred to as ?petals' and the chakras are described as resembling flowers with their many petals and beautiful colours.

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