Apple’s rearmost iPhone 13 can be bought at an effective price of Rs in India. Guests will find the same deal on India iStore if they mileage of the cashback and exchange offer. It's worth pointing out that the iPhone 13 was firstly launched in the country with a starting price of Rs. This means that interested buyers are getting a reduction of Rs if they claim the offers. Then’s a breakdown of all the offers and pricing details to more under the new iphone
13 deal.

India iStore iPhone 13 reduction offer explained

As per the functionary point of India iStore, guests can get a cashback of Rs on the purchase of the iPhone 13, which is applicable only on HDFC bank disbenefit and credit cards. This effectively brings down the price to Rs. Guests should get the cashback within 120 business days from the last date of the sale month, as per India iStore.

There's also an exchange offer of over to Rs, so the price comes down to Rs when you also claim the Rs cashback offer. It's worthing noting that if you have an iPhone XR, also you'll get a flat reduction of Rs in exchange. Still, for this, your old device should be in good and working condition without any internal damage to mileage full reduction. Those who have any other iPhone or Android smartphone may get lower exchange reduction, depending on your old phone’s value.

One will also find analogous offers on other iPhone 13 series phones. The iPhone 13 mini is available at an effective price of Rs, whereas the iPhone 13 Pro is for Rs. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is listed at an effective price of Rs.

Apple iPhone 13 series Price in India
Apple iPhone 13 is priced at Rs in India, which is for the base 128 GB storehouse model. There are also 256 GB and 512 GB storehouse models that were launched for Rs and Rs, independently. The iPhone 13 Pro was firstly launched for Rs. This price is for the 128 GB storehouse variant. Apple also offers a 256 GB model, which is being vended for Rs. The 512 GB storehouse model is listed on the functionary point for Rs. There's also the high- end 1 TB storehouse option for the iPhone 13 Pro, which will bring you Rs.
The iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is presently the most precious phone from Apple, is dealing for Rs. For the same price, Apple is dispatching the 128 GB storehouse variant. The 256 GB storehouse model is priced at Rs, whereas the 512 GB variant is on trade for Rs. The top- end 1 TB storehouse option is priced at Rs in the country

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