If we talk about freeze drying, then this is basically a dehydration process in which the materials are made extremely soft and flexible, in order to make them much more suitable for transportation. The process of freeze drying came into existence during WWII to accommodate a wide variety of products that are being used in various industries. Freeze drier is of utmost importance to several pharmaceuticals industries as these equipments are used in storage and preservation of vaccines and even in the maintenance of food items, so as to make them steadier for future use.

There are mainly four stages of freeze drying process and these are pre treatment, freezing, primary drying and secondary drying. Pre treatment, as the name suggests is a method of treating the product before freezing. This entire process may include addition of components to increase or improve the procedure. Besides these, pre treatment also includes freeze concentration, formulation to preserve product appearance, solution phase concentration, formulation to stabilize reactive products, and lowering the high vapor pressure solvents.

The next stage includes freezing, which is done by putting the material in the freeze drying flask and then making sure to rotate the flask in a bath that is known as shell freezer and if freezing is to be done on a larger scale then freeze drying is used. The third stage is primary drying in which the pressure is generally lowered and sufficient amount of heat is supplied to the substance for sublimation. The last stage is secondary drying, in which the unfrozen molecules are removed. In this phase the temperature is normally raised higher than the primary drying phase.

Freeze drying is used in pharmaceutical industries to increase the life of the products stored inside such as vaccines and injectables. These can be also used to preserve food and besides these, freeze drying is also popular as it is widely used to produce essences and flavors that are added to the food. Various studies have been conducted and they have discovered that freeze drying can be also used as a recovery method of water damaged books and documents, whereas in bacteriology it is used to protect special strains.

Freeze drying has variety of applications and they are extensively used in floral preservation for the brides who wish to preserve their wedding day flowers. Freeze driers are aesthetically designed have a sturdy construction and are extremely light weight.

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