Growing up with two older sisters meant that I was always surprised when they put on makeup and dressed to go out on the town. Once they were gone, I used to grab her eye makeup and lipstick, pretending that I was also getting ready to go out. Looking back at that moment, I'm sure they wouldn't have been brilliant if they knew she was borrowing her makeup and pretending to be them.

These days I buy my own mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick, as well as anything else I want in the cosmetics line. My eyes had enough beam but my lashes weren't enough length or volume and the mascara didn't even expand them so I started surfing the world wide web to explore lash extensions to expand my eyes and make them look sexy and lovely. Once I learned about eyelash extensions, I knew it was the result for me.

I contacted a company on the Internet and made an appointment to meet with a professional advisor. I had no idea that eyelash extensions were placed one at a time on existing tabs. He couldn't understand how they would stay, but after the conference, it all made sense. Extensions can range from a rejuvenated natural look to more glamorous or even colored lashes with jewelry incorporated into the new lashes.

My visit to the professional advisor was very reassuring, she advised me on the best length and curl to suit the shape of my eyes, so I listened to his help. After about an hour and a half, my new lashes were in place and when I opened my eyes I couldn't believe it was me in the mirror. My eyes looked spectacular, natural but glamorous.

They advised me that some of the new lashes may fall off on the first day or so until the adhesive is fixed and recommended touch-ups every two to three weeks. He could still wear makeup, but he had to be very sure that he had no oil because any type of oil would damage the adhesive. No mascara was required, but if you wanted to use something it was feasible to use it on the lash tips.

My expert instructed me to avoid direct contact with water for the first day until the glue had hardened. After that it was fine for me to swim or shower. Eyelash curlers certainly had to be avoided because they could wrinkle or break the lash extension. When I go out to town now, people often do a double take, I feel more confident in my looks, and I have more offers than ever of young men inviting me to dance and party.

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