A patent, usually also called copyright, is the exclusive property right to an invention. As an entrepreneur, you can prevent others from making, recreating, using, reselling, renting out or delivering your invention, process or product.

If you get a patent for a certain invention, you can prohibit others from copying or selling this invention for a certain period. Even when the other person has devised and implemented the invention completely independently.

A patent, which you can apply to the USPTO applies to a specific country or a number of countries and is valid for a maximum of twenty years. After that, your invention is free for everyone to use. If there is still a patent on your idea, you can give others permission to make, sell or manage your invention. You do that with a patent license.

Applying for a patent: what are the conditions?

• Novelty: Your product (or the process that you have developed) must be new. This means that your idea should not be publicly known anywhere in the world before the date of submission, even if you yourself are the cause of this by, for example, having a brochure made or giving a presentation.
• Inventiveness: the invention must be 'inventive'. This means that it should not be obvious to the skilled person.
• Industrial applicability: your invention must be about a product or production process. You must be able to demonstrate in concrete terms that this can function technically.

Services, ideas without concrete elaboration, natural science theories, calculation methods and aesthetic design cannot be protected by a patent. However, there are other forms of protection for this. Think of copyright, drawing and design law or trademark law.

When should I apply for a patent?

Applying for a patent or patent is not a free process. As a starting entrepreneur, it is therefore wise to first make a proper assessment of whether it is wise to invest in this in this phase.

However, do you expect a competitor to be about to make the same thing as you just did? Then applying for a patent is a good way to protect your finding. After all, in that case, you are the only one who receives the patent and can thus earn it.

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