"A science of mind is a goal which has engrossed thousands of generations of Man. Armies, dynasties and whole civilizations have perished for the lack of it. Rome went to dust for the want of it. China swims in blood for the need of it. And down in the arsenal is an atom bomb, its hopeful nose full-armed in ignorance of it."

-L. Ron Hubbard

The science of mind basically relates to the understanding on how your mind works, how it influences you and your behavior. This also affects how it influences you to behave and react to various situations in your daily life. Once you understand the concept, you need to work with the science to bring self improvement and personal development for yourself. You need to understand your brain chemistry, what it needs, how to relax it and how to respond to it and most of all, how to control it.

One of the most important needs of the mind is meditation. Meditation gives your mind a chance to relax and to clear itself from stress and clutter. Meditation helps you to find the center of your subconscious and allows you to learn to control your thoughts and how to keep yourself calm. This is the most important aspect of science of mind. That is, to learn to control the power of it and give it time for its own. It is an organ that has infinite power and it needs to be relaxed in order to perform. So meditation is one of the basic needs of your mind.

Keeping your mind stimulated is another science of mind that can help us excel in our lives. By stimulating our mind on a regular basis, using mind illusions in particular, we learn to question, doubt and we also learn that things should not be taken at face value. This gives our mind the ability to question and to think differently while enhancing its perceptiveness.

Mind control is another science that we need to learn about the mind. Since it is an organ of immense power, we need to harness its power. We can make use of our mind to control others and ourselves. We can utilize this mind power and control it in a way so that it helps us achieve our goals. We can control our mind and learn to think on our feet and react quickly. The science of our mind permits us to do this and much more.

Our mind is an amazing creation of God. Its power is infinite. Even though we use a fraction of our brain power, we are able to accomplish more than we can imagine in our daily lives. Using more of our brain would make us creatures of perfection and intelligence. The science of mind needs to be understood so that we can bring improvements in our lives and excel better at what we do and lead successful lives by achieving our goals. The mind has a science of its own which is waiting to be discovered and used.

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