By Susan Vernicek

Do you live a double life like many of us do? Do you like your double life? My goal is to run the magazine full time in an office and not in a one room studio/bedroom that I have now. I want an office where my staff and I can all be together turning our creative ideas into inspiring content for our readers.

Just last November, I started my journey into the full time entrepreneur world. I gotta tell ya, I absolutely love it! Yes, I have my down times with loneliness and fears of failure, but I keep moving day-by-day, breath-by-breath. I surround myself with individuals who possess a go-getting attitude to help me stay motivated. Yes, we motivating professionals also need encouragement! This is why I want to share one of my double lives and how I appreciate the situation I am in because of the support I am given and the angle I approach it with.

By now, most of you know I own Identity, which is thriving in many ways, BUT did you know I tend bar on the weekends putting in as many 25 hours in three days? Yup, I do! Why? Well, at first it was for extra cash to save and use for personal and business use. Then, I started to appreciate my situation thanks to the people I work for, work with, and all the interesting people I encounter through this job.

I have this whole other life where I get to meet so many new and exciting individuals. I get to meet all of these personalities, good, bad, and the beautiful. It’s like research while I work because I get to study and learn from them. I like to observe (in a good way) everything from their appearance to their mannerisms and, when given the opportunity, their thoughts and ideas. It’s quite a situation, and I am appreciative for it.

Think about your double life and if it’s a situation that supports you, your family, and your future. If you can’t find the appreciation, I would suggest taking the steps to find a better double life! I would like to thank Hot Rods, BBQ in Wharton, NJ! Thank you Toby and Anthony and thank you to the rest of the crew there!

Author's Bio: 

My two driving forces in life from a young age have been to run my own business, and have a positive influence on others. Like many fine women I know, I’ve always had to work hard for what I want. I’m a native New Jersey girl from Wharton, where I still reside, and have always had a creative spirit. After graduating with a Fine Arts degree and a dual focus in Graphic Design and Photography from Frostburg State University in Maryland, I had a tough time finding a job, so I decided to spread my wings and spend a summer in London with a friend. When I came back, I had a renewed sense of purpose, and found a job in the graphics department of a medical company. While I experienced and learned a tremendous amount with that company, I had many not-so-great moments. The end result of sticking with that focus was Identity Magazine.

Being a woman with many interests, and all the same concerns as my female counterparts, I relied on the media for information that could help improve and inspire my life. Through my own discontentment with all the in-your-face ads and useless information about diet fads, fashion trends, and celebrity gossip found in other magazines – Identity was born. I believe our role models should be in our everyday lives; not photo-touched fashion plates on a page. Identity is my gift to every woman, for being who she is, and the best that she can be. I hope you enjoy it.