Even if kids’ martial arts training is indisputably helpful for the holistic development of a child, trainers should not forget that the activity is still in nature, supposedly for adults. It is strenuous and it requires dedication and focus. Thus, trainer should exert efforts in devising ways to make the training child-friendly

Revise the training program to adhere to kids’ level of performance

The intensity of executing the work outs or exercises, the pressure to develop a particular skill, the pace of the training and other factors in the training should be carefully evaluated so that it will cater to children’s needs and nature.

Trainers for kids should have specialized training in handling kids. They should be able to evaluate what is good enough and what is excessive for a child to execute or undergo. In addition, personnel handling kids’ martial arts training should be more patient to cater to the peculiarities of each child. Children do whine, tend to be pesky or ask for many things.

Make it Fun

When you present a particular topic or concept to a child, it should be packed in a way that it will cater to a child’s cognition. The choice of words, the manner of demonstrating it differs to how to accomplish these things with adult trainees. Children will learn better if the presentation is fun and easy. It is not of course expected of a trainer to be acting like a clown but there is always a way of tickling the interest of a young mind.

Use encouragements instead of criticisms

If a trainer corrects an adult martial arts trainee by pointing out the error or mistake bluntly, this should not be the case with kids’ martial arts training. It is wise to start first with what the child was able to accomplish with a little praise. Then go on saying that his performance will be better if he will do it in a way that you have to demonstrate slowly but clearly. Repetition appeals to children. Each time you repeat the demonstration, accompany it with words.

Once you start criticizing the child for an error, he will tend to become shy and he might not cooperate anymore. Worst, he will start to hate the activities. Then, that would be the end of his training.

Present some successful people in the field in a story-telling manner

Story-telling appeals to children. Thus, a great trainer would exert efforts to present the history of martial arts and those people who are successful in the field thru a fun manner.

It is indeed an added challenge to be in kids’ martial arts training but the result of well-implemented training will overwhelm the efforts exerted. Champions may be molded through trainees at younger ages.

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