1. The notion of approaching women and trying to start a conversation is enough to fill the typical guy with stress and fear. There are some proven techniques, however, that you can use to make

2. Walk like an alpha male. So how, exactly, do alpha males walk? The answer is, with a smooth stride and upright (but relaxed) posture. Basically, you never want to seem like you're in a hurry to meet women or make an impression on them.

If you let your shoulders slump and your eyes hit the floor, you look like the kind of guy that lets life run over him. None of these things will make you seem attractive to the woman that you are going to approach.

3. See if you can "trade a smile" with her before you make your approach. Really, the best way to "preface" your approach is to lock eyes with her for a moment, smile, and hopefully get her to smile back.

If you swap smiles, then you've got a green light to approach her and start the interaction without it feeling weird or awkward. This also ensures that she won't be startled if you suddenly approach her out of nowhere.

4. Have an opener and not a line. The reason why some guys rely on "pickup lines" is because they have nothing original to say.

There are dozens of field-tested openers that you can use -- including Direct Openers, Indirect Openers, Situational Openers, and Opinion Openers -- which are virtually guaranteed to make approaching women a fun, enjoyable activity instead of something that causes you fear and anxiety.

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