To learn how to approach women and flirt effectively, just treat her like a little girl.

Tease her, tickle her everything. This behaviour is not only for men to do to women.

Men do this to each other too at times. It's one of the more effective techniques to create an emotional bond with someone, for eg:Jim (to you): "I need a ride at 3, could you give me one?"You: "Ok, I get it. I'm just your little car-slave huh"Jim: "-chuckles-"You: "You're just using me for my amazing driving skills!"In writing, this may seem a bit confrontational, but we all know the real underlying emotion is fun, happiness and excitement. Obviously I'm going to eventually just say: "Sure buddy, let's go" but it doesn't mean we can't have a bit of fun in the process right?.

One needs tension buildup and then tension release. The same way that in movies, there's almost always a great tragedy about 2/3rds of the way in, and then a happy, miraculous solution soon afterwards to wrap up the film. Emotional twists and turns. Keep this in mind when talking to chicks, they can't get enough.

Give this a try: Next time a girl says: "Let's go to the bar", just say: "Aaaah, you want me drunk. "I'm sure you find yourself addicted to my insane hotness but I'm not easy okay?".

"I'm not a 'ho' that you can use and abuse for your pleasure". Filtering:To kickstart you on how to approach women, I have to teach you how to find the best girls quickly.

Part of human nature is that when a stranger treats usway too well, gives us many compliments and bends over backwards to help, we start wondering why andfeeling creeped out. It's natural. The mind creates very strong assumptions when we experiencethis behaviour like:

1. They perceive my social status to be higher than theirs.

2. They obviously want something from me like time.

3. Their sense of self-worth is really low.These things make people appear to be very socially desperate.

This is the opposite of attractiveness. So how does this relate to women? I'll fill you in: This is the reason why you absolutely have to find out what the girls' good qualities are first, if any.

Women like to know you're attracted to her for more reasons than her looks. Otherwise she will defnitely not feel attracted to all.

Easy ways to do this are by asking questions, or provoking her a bit to expose more sides of her personality. This is the core of good flirting. Let chicks return the favour too, they love it.

Girls have been practicing since they were 12 so they are very, very adept at it already.

So, if you do get her to reveal her hand and you find out she's either boring, stupid, passionless, bitter or psycho, by all means, move along. Just say: "Nice meeting you" and start talking to another girl.

Women pick up on this behaviour and find it incredibly attractive. It also happens to be incredibly rare in our modern society.

It subcommunicates to women:- No weird issues about sex.- Confidence- You're in high sexual demandYou'll definitely get a good reaction. Good for you! You are now a god at how to approach women and, finding the good ones.

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