Clean windows not only add street appeal to your property, but also make sure that the windows do not need to be replaced anytime soon. This can be a great way to cut the costs for replacing windows.

Cleaning windows might seem like a walk in the park, but it surely is not. Without the proper tools, it can be a disastrous job. Windows will be packed with scratches and blotches that, over time, can ruin the beauty of the windows.

Professional equipment and tools are needed to appropriately clean the windows and keep them shiny. Companies and stores around the world have numerous professional window cleaner tools to offer. All you need to do is find it and get to the job.


· Consequences for not using proper tools:

In case you were thinking of using unprofessional methods for cleaning the windows do take the following into consideration:

1. Micro scratches:

New glass even ones that are 5 to 10 years old, may have a defect which causes, glass dust to get fused to the window pane during the tempering process.

This dust dislodges and gets snowploughed across the window, when the wrong toll is used for cleaning, causing micro scratches, which becomes visible as the sun shines through the glass.

2. Paper lint:

You need to have proper knowledge about which window cleaning spray to use for your windows. A window cleaner with ammonia flash dries faster, leaving a trail of paper lint on your windows. This cannot be a pretty sight for anybody.

So you need to use a window cleaning spray and material, which has a wider open time and cannot leave paper lint trail.

The above-mentioned consequences can put a huge dent in the beauty of your windows, running the aesthetic value of your property.

· Choosing the proper tools:

While you decide on what tool would be the best for you, these factors must be taken into consideration:

1. The tool must not only function to carry out the window cleaning job appropriately, but also must be easy to use.

2. Conduct proper research about the function of each tool. This information is easily available at all online stores, or you could take the help of any retail store keeper.

3. The tool must reduce the hassles of cleaning the window and not increase it.

Ø Tools that would do the Job Appropriately:

1. Detergent:

Make sure that you use liquid detergent. Use water and detergent to create soapy water and place it in a spray bottle.

Using a detergent that is liquid ensures that your windows are left streak-free after cleaning.

2. Cleaning Wand:

This is also known as a window mop and can spread the soapy water evenly if you do not want to use a spray bottle.

Using such a wand makes sure that the water is evenly spread the suds over a dirty window and you do not miss out on any portion of the window.

3. Squeegee:

If you want to give your windows a good finish, then this is the perfect tool. These help to get the window clean and almost dry without leaving any streaks on the window.

Different sized and rubber bladed squeegees are available, but make sure you buy one that is safe for your windows.

4. Cloth or Micro-fibre Towels:

Any extra water that was not removed with the squeegee can be removed with a good piece of cloth like micro-fibre that does not leave behind a trail of lint.

This kind of soft cloth can clean the window surface without streaking or dragging.

5. Bucket:

A standard bucket will never do the job. You would need to find a bucket that can hold the long handle of the window cleaning wand.

6. Ladders and Extension Poles:

These will help you to get to the nooks and corners of the window, making sure that you do not miss out on any corner of the window.

Finding these tools is easy, because various stores and businesses, both offline and online, offer a wide range of such tools. With all the above tools you will be able to clean your window and maintain the beauty of your property.

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