Ever since the first Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software stepped in the market in the 1990s, they have been experiencing growth and enabling companies to seamlessly manage business activities.

Technology has proven to be the fastest way to propel your business to success. It is important to constantly look for solutions to your biggest business problems and drawbacks. Staying up to date with the latest and greatest in ERP systems specifically will allow you to gain a one-up on your competitor when you are innovating while they stay stagnant. Updating systems and implementing new solutions enables companies to increase Return on Investment (ROI), decrease downtime, improve analytics, and organize data, improving overall customer, partner, and employee experiences.

“If you want better results, you must use the best technology,” advises Christopher Carter, Founder & CEO, Approyo Inc. Christopher’s professional journey started when he studied SAP technology at Georgia Tech. Today, he is blessed to have nearly 30 years of experience in SAP and has been nationally recognized by The American SAP Users Group, Inc5000, Forbes, and many more.

He speaks and educates on the benefits of selective ERP management solutions, Cloud, and SAP solutions, to other professionals around the world. He was fortunate to have been the creator of the first SAP cloud ever to be used by an SAP client back in 2005, and the first SAP HANA Production cloud used by a true-blue client.

Delivering Technology Solutions

At Approyo, Christopher and his teamwork with firms to assist them in their journey to the usage of SAP and their HANA solutions. In the beginning stages of defining Approyo, the team found it difficult to draw large number of clients due to the lack of education around cloud computing at the time. Trying to convince companies to use cloud technology when it was a new concept was no easy task. Many companies were okay with sticking with their old legacy systems, and they had to come up with a plan to show them how the cloud is much more agile, scalable, and reliable.

Today, Approyo provides implementations, migrations, upgrades, and 24/7 SAP support for their customers around the globe. They also provide free consultations, along with hosting and monitoring of SAP systems and applications. They support organizations that are looking for knowledge to support their own firm’s growth through current business processes, where even 1% of change can lead to millions of dollars in the business flow. “By providing the best SAP Solutions in the world, tailored to individual business needs, and by providing a focus on our Platform as a Service (PaaS), allows us to launch systems in hours rather than weeks, allowing customers to innovate and experience success at a faster rate than their competitors,” explains Christopher.

Trusting, not Just Directing

As an experienced leader, Christopher believes that the most powerful form of leadership is having trust in your team. “Take the time to educate them and help them along the way, but ultimately trust them to make the best decisions that will lead your business to success. Leadership should never be a dictatorship because, without your team, your company would be nothing,” he says.

Advising young entrepreneurs, he says, “If you have an idea, a concept, or a dream, go out and do it, don’t give up on it. Take risks and lean into your fear of failure or you will never succeed. Approyo would not be where we are today if I didn’t take the risk to invest in it.”

All for Change

When asked what he would like to change about the current business ecosystem in the US, Christopher shared that he would make two changes:

“First, I would want to bring more entrepreneurs into the world to expand innovation even more so, fast and furious. Fail fast but if you keep getting up, you will be on the path to success. Second, I would want to add more security to the applications currently available in the market. Firms like Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc. need to stop selling their data to third party companies, and there should be laws put in place to stop this from occurring in the first place. Not only can it hurt businesses, but it goes against individuals’ rights too, it hurts everyone.”

Growth is Essential, whatever be the Circumstances

The current COIVDI-19 pandemic had sent the whole world into a tizzy and businesses looking for solutions that could help them survive. Regardless of the pandemic, the systems must continue to run efficiently. Therefore, Approyo has continued with its responsibility of providing its SAP services and solutions even throughout these difficult times. It has provided six months of free SAP services to old and new clients to free up their cash flow, helping them continue to stay innovative while stressing less about their budget.

“As for the organization, the most important thing I see for us is growth. Already within 2020 we have gained more clients, started more conversations with new executives, gained more staff, etc. My main goal is to grow our team of SAP experts to take care of our growing number of customers and partners,” concludes Christopher.

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