Hi everyone, and welcome to April! To be honest, what I have to share with you about April is somewhat of a repeat of March, as the core energy, frequency, and vibration for the month was derived from the number 1 energy. However, there is one slight difference for April, as back in March, we were encouraged to step out of the comfort zone of our Ego-Self and do something new, whereas this month, the number 1 is accompanied by the number 0, giving us a pretty strong number 10 energy, frequency, and vibration. And let me just say, WOW! This month’s energy is the stuff dreams are made of!

While we were busy in March exploring, learning, and trying new things, something amazing happened.

Can you guess what that might be?

Do you need a hint?

Okay, I’ll tell you. Our True-Self was freed!

You see, there was a shift in the energy vortex, as we began releasing the negative aspects tied to our Ego-Self and accepting and believing at soul-level that we are absolutely beings with immeasurable value, and are worthy and deserving to be, have, do and give everything we truly desire. As we allowed ourselves to release the negative aspects of our Ego-Self, we became empowered and through our empowerment our True-Self emerged. Once our True-Self emerged, we created a new pattern in our personal life experience blueprint, and in doing so, we opened the door to the new, better, more, and different abundance opportunities, gifts, and lessons, the Universe has eagerly been waiting to share with us.

Maybe this shift was subtle, offering clues through repeating symbols, words, or numbers, or maybe this shift was more forthright, providing solutions and/or answers for our intentions, in a swift and obvious manner. Either way, some kind of clarity came to light, giving us the momentum to push forward with our plans and receive the abundance we truly desire.

So, how does the energy of 10 fit in to all of this?

This Month’s Energy Number is the number 10
While the energy of 1 encourages us to be independent, seek-out our soul purpose, and do something outside of our comfort zone, the energy of 10 is the energy of unity and encourages us to not only maintain that connection with our True-Self, but also to connect with others. Connecting with others whether for business, personal, or social goals is a fundamental part of living our best life experience.

People need people to thrive and evolve, to be inspired and influenced, to be supported and appreciated, and most of all, to love and be loved. When we spend all of our time within the confines and boundaries of our Ego-Self, we deny ourselves the abundance gifts, lessons, and opportunities the Universe is eager to share. And in doing so, we also close ourselves off from others, who may be of help, and can offer support in our journey. We weren’t meant to be, have, do and give everything alone, and with the energy of 10 along with the this year’s energy of 3 influencing this month, makes it the perfect time to reach out and engage with the people who can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Perhaps you need help with your job, career, and/or finances, your personal and/or professional relationships, your social and/or community networks, or maybe your health, wellness, and/or spirituality. For every situation, in every area of your life experience, there is help available and that help is typically found through our connections, and willingness to reach out and ask for help when it’s needed. To be who you truly are at Soul-Level isn’t just about experiencing life from an internal perspective, it’s about connecting and engaging your True-Self with others.

This Month’s Universal Law is The Universal Law of Divine Oneness
The Universal Law of Divine Oneness states: “Everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, and do affects others and the world around us.”

So, just to give some perspective on this law, I have decided to share an excerpt from my upcoming book, “Abundance, the Whole Truth, the Good, the Bad, the Unexpected, and How the Law of Attraction Really Works”:

“We may not know each other or be related but the Universe in all its vastness connects us through energy. Scientific evidence, obtained by Albert Einstein, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that everything in the Universe is made up of energy, E=Mc2. Yes, we are individual beings and have our own lives, dreams, and desires, but we are also part of something greater than ourselves, and together we have the power to affect change through our ideas, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, and actions. In essence, people need people, some things we can do on our own but doing things together is how we live in a truly abundant society.”

This law supports our needs and desires to stay connected with both our True-Self, and the world around us. During the Month of April, the Law of Divine Oneness is encouraging us to keep our momentum going and not be tempted by the insecurities of our Ego-Self to withdraw or give up on the plans, dreams, goals, and intentions we set in motion back in March.

Insecurities are those pesky thought monsters within that play the “what If” game in our mind...What if I’m not good enough? What if they don’t like me? What if I fail? What if I can’t ___?

It’s time to release all these negative what if’s and start a new game!

This month, rather than offering you a new mantra, I’m encouraging you to Let your True-Self be the game master and start a more positive “what If” game, for example...
• What if I am good enough?
• What if they do like me?
• What if I succeed?
• What if I can _______?

Now, hold that thought and based on your five senses, use your minds-eye to visualize the following:
• How does it look?
• How does it feel?
• How does it taste?
• How does it smell?
• How does it sound?

Everything in the physical world revolves around our five senses. By engaging in this exercise, you are raising your energetic vibration, and allowing the excitement you feel toward your plans, dreams, goals, and intentions to empower you and fuel you with the momentum you need to keep pushing forward. And here’s the best part, when you feel empowered, and have a positive outlook, it’s easier to begin attracting the people and resources to help you achieve your true desires. After all, the secret to living our best life experience is staying connected to others for help, support, and guidance and in turn, being the source of help, support, and guidance for others.

Just something to add here, if for some reason what you are visualizing isn’t giving you a positive vibe or experience, you may need to try focusing again on what it is you truly desire, as the game changer here is to feel happy, empowered, positive, and excited about your plans, dreams, goals, and intentions, without your Ego-Self filling your heart-space with those pesky insecurities, doubts, fears, and negativity, and inevitably blocking your path to achieving everything you truly desire to be, have, do, and give.

This Month’s Tarot Card is the Wheel of Fortune
Round and Round and round she goes, where she’ll stop, nobody knows. There are times in life when we don’t have or know the answers we seek and feel that we are on this constant spin cycle of repetition. We do the same things over and over again but struggle to find meaning or purpose to any of it. But yet, somehow, we continue with status quo and become a model of contentment because it just seems easier to stay on our current path, rather than stopping and asking for directions to a new destination.

While contentment feels safe and familiar, by always being content with what we are being, having, doing, and giving, we run the risk of also becoming complacent, which means the things we are being, having, doing, and giving are no longer fulfilling our soul purpose. Complacency also means we have stopped receiving the new, better, different, and more abundance gifts, lessons, and opportunities that are readily available. It’s like telling the Universe that you are closed for new business.

The Wheel of Fortune never stops turning and this month is no exception. It is reminding you to keep moving, even when you feel uncertain about the path ahead. Uncertainty can be scary, especially when we don’t know which direction to take to achieve what we want, but the reality is, if we stop trying or give up on our dreams, goals, and intentions, due to fear of the unknown, we will never know how truly amazing life can be, which may eventually lead to feelings of regret and remorse for not following through. So, rather than not following through, and being caught up in the chains of regret, it is important to put our expectations or attachments to a specific outcome aside and allow and trust that our True-Self will guide us to the help we need and lead our life experience in the direction we need to go.

This month, The Wheel of Fortune is encouraging us to get up, dust ourselves off, and apply a bandage where needed when we fall down, and identify what’s not working and try something else that will help us succeed in our journey. As the energy of the Wheel of Fortune is coming from the number 10, and also paired with this year’s Tarot Card, The Empress, we can be certain that it is strongly suggesting that we use our resources and connections and reach out to ask for help, guidance, mentoring, and support or to be the help, guide, mentor, or support that someone else needs. Remember, abundance is a two-way street, and in most cases, we will get back what we give out.

This Month’s Chakra is the Earth Star Chakra
As you may have guessed, this chakra is actually located below our feet and receives its power from below the earth’s surface. It is the most grounding and stable of our 12 Chakras, as it is not only pulling energy up from the earths core, to deliver it to the physical realm, but also removing negative energy from our internal being and transmuting it into positive energy, which is then sent back to us from the earth.

This ongoing cycle of transmutation of energy is what makes it possible for us to feel stable, grounded, and connected to the physical world. Trees, plants, minerals, and water are all derived from the earth’s core, and contained within each of these are elements of our human existence. Trees and plants provide oxygen, minerals promote cell growth and deliver nutrients, and roughly 70 percent of our human bodies are made up of water, but when we are lacking these things, it goes to reason that we will likely experience health issues including mental and physical illnesses, have immune deficiencies, be prone to more pain and discomfort, and the list goes on and on.

Well, when we lack human connection, we are also prone to these same types of issues, as without the support and guidance from others to help us on our journey, we have no one other than ourselves to help us through the rough spots, twists, turns, and unseen problems that we need outside perspectives from, to help steer us in the right direction.

This month, feeling an overall sense of stability, security, and connection to everything in our physical world is heavily reliant on our willingness to engage others in our life experience. Through the power of this year’s number 3 energy, this month’s number 10 energy, this year’s Empress Tarot card, and this month’s Wheel of Fortune Tarot card, plus, this year’s Universal Law of Gender and this month’s Universal Law of Divine Oneness all working together to help us stay on track with our plans, goals, dreams, and intentions, we are setting ourselves up for a huge influx of abundance gifts, lessons, and opportunities, as long as we are ready to recognize and receive them.

This Month’s Archangel is Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel is the angel of communication and relationships of all kinds. She provides assistance to those in creative work, clears negative energy and provides help to overcome fears, past emotional traumas, addiction, procrastination and encourages us to find fulfillment through expressing our True-Self and living our divine soul purpose. She encourages us to lead, support, guide, mentor and nurture others on their journey, and take extra care to nurture our True-Self.

Paired with this year’s Archangel, Raziel, you can be sure that when called upon they will be there to assist you to clear your chakras of negative energy, forge that connection with your True-Self and others, and embrace who you are truly meant to be, have, do, and give as the most genuine, true, and authentic version of yourself that you are at Soul-level.

This Month’s Crystal is Citrine
I call it the “sunshine stone” because it glows with such elegance, like rays of sunshine, and has great capacity to create a warm sense of joy and calm in difficult situations. It promotes emotional release of sadness, negativity, and aids in healing grief, emotional traumas, and clears mental blocks, enabling new light to shine for positive moves forward. It brings foresight and awareness to self-care, self-compassion, and self-love, and opens channels for exploration of creative ideas, sexuality, and spirituality.

Paired with this year’s Malachite crystal you may also feel more calm, centred, and focused to set clear intentions for your plans, dreams, and goals, and feel protected, safe, and secure, from the negative aspects of your Ego-Self standing in the way of attracting and manifesting your true desires.

This Month’s Aromatherapy is Cinnamon
Hands down, my favourite of all aromatherapy scents! Not only does it have a wonderful aroma, it can also aid in attracting and manifesting abundance of any kind…money, security, love, independence, happiness, peace, etc… Burn some cinnamon incense, diffuse, or light a cinnamon scented candle, set your intention with the universe, and watch the abundance unfold. Of course, you may need to do this daily to reap the abundance rewards, but cinnamon is a powerful motivator.

The health benefits of cinnamon include, clearing nasal and chest congestion, relieving stomach discomfort and nausea, helps to lower cholesterol, release stress, relieve depression, provides stillness, brings awareness to negative reactions, such as stubbornness, and selfishness, and aids in letting go of overactive ego and addictions.

This Month’s Colour is Brown
Brown is an earth colour representing stability, safety, and security. Although it’s not associated with the 7-primary chakras, it is the colour of the 10th or Earth Star Chakra and aids in warding off negativity, fear, and insecurity. The more dark the brown is, the more it works to repel negativity, but as it becomes lighter on the colour spectrum, it’s focused more on bringing warmth, joy, and calm to our every day lives.

Pairing this year’s colour yellow with this month’s colour brown, whether while meditating, wearing, or carrying with you, or displaying around your home or office will likely inspire more motivation, commitment, focus, and willingness to take action toward our plans, dreams, goals, and intentions and help us recognize the abundance opportunities, gifts, and lessons the Universe is so eager to share.

As always, whatever you do, do it with purpose, for purpose, and on purpose

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Intuitive Energy Healer/Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Numerologist, Tarot Practitioner, and Angel Practitioner with an integrated approach to helping others attract and manifest the Abundance they truly desire to be, have, and do, who and what they’re truly meant to be, have, and do, according to their soul purpose.