The human body works as a protecting cover securing the soul and the inner organs from any harm or danger, in the similar manner buildings protect the human from the outer dangers. To build these buildings architecture is important.

Buildings have majorly evolved out of a need for shelter and protection, but with the development and the knowledge, this increased and architecture came into existence. Earlier the people built their settlement through the usage of straw, stones, and wood but today there are changes in the materials that were used before. The architects prefer the best of the material to use while building, this can be interpreted from the works of the Top 10 Architects in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and in other cities.

With the changing time, the face of architecture is even changing where once the focus was on durability, utility and beauty it has now enhanced to functionality in place of utility with keeping the aesthetics of the building in mind. With further alterations sustainability was given more importance to architecture rather than functionality and structural; paving up the way for sustainable architecture. Thus, believing that a building must be environment friendly and must ensure it’s built with the nature of non- sustainable factors as well.

Types of architecture

Architecture is a field which is vast and well established, it has gained its popularity, and much of the youth want to develop in architecture. Due to this reason one can find the establishment of top 10 architectural firms in pune, and in many other parts of India. One opting for the field of architecture can choose the type of architecture which goes well with their abilities.

There are various types of architecture present today which include; business, interior, cognitive computer, enterprise, software and many each different offering functionalities.

Techniques used by architect today

To rely on the sustainable architecture motto, the architects are even provided with the knowledge that could help them to work as an important aiding source to achieve that sustainability. The drastic changes the world is facing whether it is the greenhouse effect or the frequent occurrence of the natural disasters the need for the well developed and sustained architecture has led to the changes in the techniques implied by the architects as well.

The evolutions of the techniques are majorly due to two factors first being economic and the second being expressive, meaning having a stable and durable building with a meaningful form.

For having a stiff base, the materials required should be selected while looking into the conditions that prevail in the place where the building must be built; they must have the ability to withstand the environment as well as the surroundings.

The proper planning is the most important technique which is followed by interior controls, facilitation, differentiation and proper furnishing, which would guarantee proper stability and durability.

The conclusion can be drawn that due to proper knowledge and enhanced skills architecture today can be stated better from the past. Which ones were just a shelter has grown and developed to formulate the aesthetics. But we may conclude that though today sustainable architecture is required, there will always be the time where one would look off the ideas from the ancient architecture.

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The human body works as a protecting cover securing the soul and the inner organs from any harm or danger, in the similar manner buildings protect the human from the outer dangers.