If there is one thing that is common between the interiors of a household and the office, it is the fact that plywood is used in both the places. Yes, plywood has garnered a massive popularity over the years. This is why many customers are happy utilizing it for their spaces and looking to put them into their various architectural and structural projects. However, there are many varieties of plywood, each with their own unique properties. As a result, the qualities and attributes of one plywood may not necessarily be the same as the other types of plywood. This brings us to one question, “Are all varieties of plyboards waterproof in nature?”

Why does this question come up?

One may form a misconception that just because plywood is a versatile product, it is guaranteed to be waterproof. How else is it going to survive the tough times? However, this question comes up mainly because of the nature of the components in the plywood. Plywood is basically made of wood veneer. When this wood comes in contact with water for longer periods, there is bound to be warping and damage. This is why waterproofing is a prerequisite particularly in environments where excessive moisture is present. So to answer your question, all varieties of plywood are not waterproof in nature. With a few simple techniques, however, you can make your plywood water resistant if not completely waterproof. For instance, you can laminate it or even cover it with a coat of paint.

There are also special kinds of plywood that are specifically treated to prevent water from being absorbed by the wood. Here are the types of plywoods that make this possible.

MR Grade Plywood

A type of water resistant ply board comes from MR Grade Plywood. MR refers to moisture resistance. This makes this kind of plywood ideal for indoor use. While it is not waterproof plywood, it is treated with resins such as formaldehyde. This works to minimize humidity and moisture retention. This makes this plywood type ideal for home and office furniture like shelves, cabinets, etc. However, if these areas are bound to get wet more often such as in the case with kitchen shelves, refrain from installing MR Grade Plywood here.

BWR Grade Plywood

BWR generally means boiling water resistance. This type of plywood or plyboard is utilized for exteriors as well as interiors. It is treated with phenolic resins which ensures that it obtains water-resistant abilities. It is ideal for areas that come in contact with water for long periods of time. This plywood lasts for a great deal of time.

BWP Grade Plywood

Boiling water proof plywood is 100% waterproof and is the best at repelling water out of all the types of available plywood. It is also called as marine plywood as it is often used for marine construction. It is best for places such as the bathroom or kitchen and even works in areas that experience heavy rainfall and humidity. It has undergone quality checks such as being submerged in boiling water for three days. This is done to examine strength as well as other properties.

There are various kinds of Century plyboards for different purposes: whether you need MR grade, BWR grade or BWP grade plywood, make sure that you choose only after careful consideration of your needs.

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