How important have amenities become to all of us? Is it how we measure while making decisions for buying an apartment? Research says more than 70% of the people in Bengaluru make their decisions based on the amenities the builder offers. As apartments in Whitefield and Electronic City are mostly occupied and people are looking for other areas. The next most preferred area is apartments in Sarjapur Road because builders here offer residents with a defined quality of living. Therefore, it is proved that individuals look for amenities lately as it defines the way we live!

Imagine a society without proper security, power and water supply, no maintenance of the apartments etc, would one choose to invest? No! Not only does the locality matter but also the standard of living offered plays a huge factor in making the right investment decision. Many builders have started to promote their projects based on the amenities they have to offer more than the returns the investment would cost in the future because individuals today concentrate more on the living. Real estate experts have studied and commented that when individuals seek help for investment options, apart from knowing about the future returns and the security value, they focus more on factors the properties have to offer such as Gyms, Restaurants, Play Area, and Parking. This is one of the reasons why builders focus more on building premises of its own with all the necessary spots an individual would seek for.

Connectivity to other localities within Bengaluru has been made easier with the constant flow of public transport facilities such as Buses, Autos, Metro's, and Cab services. These services have made traveling to work and other localities hassle-free. Also, the roads have been developed to offer good drainage system as the climate of Bengaluru is unpredictable with rains. Coming to the availability factor, the apartments in Sarjapur Road are located in the center of the radius and gives us access to all the lifestyle amenities. From restaurants for socializing to hospitals for emergencies, this area is a good option considering the connectivity and the future of investment.

Sarjapur Road is outgrowing as more and more IT companies and MNC's are renting out office space from here. With the increase in population, apartments here are available in different models at a good price. Starting from compact homes to spacious villas, builders have a choice based on our budgets. So, look out for the best apartments that have to offer the best of amenities to define your comfortable living statement. With a basic investment of 50 Lakhs to 1crore for an apartment in Sarjapur Road proves how the property has taken us to the next level. Investment experts guarantee a minimum rise of 15-20% in property investment in this area in the next 5 years. So, let's take the wise move now and build a secured tomorrow by choosing to invest in a residential property near us!

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