There seems to be a stigma that dieting for weight loss is boring and tough. How true is that? Does dieting for weight loss always mean that you have to keep to a clean diet filled with bland-tasting foods every day?

In direct contrary, that is actually not the case! I know that you may start to doubt me the moment you read the previous sentence. It seems like every article and every guru out there preaching about weight loss diets always only recommend you bland and horrible tasting foods. To make it worse, some of them recommend you brand new weight loss pills which may potentially be harmful to your health! Many bloggers and writers make it seem like you need to go through this dieting phase before you can then succeed in your weight loss. They make it seem like a rite of passage.

Luckily, this is not true! Eating healthy foods to lose weight can actually be fun, and before you know it, it will become your lifestyle!

However, you have to first understand how different body types react differently to food. The first body type, ectomorph, which is characterized by long limbs and being generally skinny, is less sensitive to carbohydrates, and will not gain too much weight even with more carbohydrates intake than normal. If you are a mesomorph, a body type which is naturally athletic for guys and hourglass for girls, you will have to incorporate a balanced diet. If you are on the heavy side of the weighing scale, which body type is otherwise known as an endomorph, you should eat minimal carbohydrates and fats.

Generally, you should take in a diet which is high in protein, and low in fats and carbohydrates to lose weight effectively and quickly. This is especially true for naturally obese people. Also, you will need to keep to a calorie deficit, which basically means that you need to burn more calories through exercises performed than that consumed in the form of foods.

Thus, foods like chicken chop can still be consumed without much detrimental effect to your weight loss goals! Such foods are still high in protein, and relatively low in carbohydrates. Just remember to not eat the oily skin along with it, and have less sauce.

Cold delights like yogurt and ice cream can also be helpful in helping you lose weight indirectly. By taking such foods once in a while, you will find it easier to control your cravings for such foods, thus preventing binge eating.

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