These are the era of environmentalists. Not only are there numerous civil society organizations to uphold the issues relating to environmental protection but also the administration and judiciaries are taking up these issues pretty seriously. Regulations to protect environment have been put in place and laws have been put in place in almost all of the states for prevention of pollution by the vehicles plying on the road.

How Vehicles Create Pollution

Traditional motor vehicles run on gasoline and many of them make harmful emissions that result from burning of fossil fuels. In general they emit carbon monoxide and other harmful elements that pollute the environment around.

Electric Bicycles Do Not Pollute

Some of the environmental benefits of using electric bicycles are –
They are one of pollution free alternatives for traditional gasoline driven vehicles that create pollution;
They have been widely accepted as one of the most viable alternatives for preventing mobile pollution; and
Every time the rider takes a trip on the electric bicycle instead of car or other motor driven vehicle, he or she deletes a cold start that would have substantially added to pollution levels.

Laws Regulating the Use of Mopeds

According to the law of the land vehicles that ply on the road whether driven by gasoline or electric are required to be registered with the authorities but motorized bicycles or mopeds have been exempted in many states from registration. However, most of the state laws also require that they display a special plate that is issued by the authorities.

Electric Bicycles and Use of Helmets

Many people have the wrong notion that helmets are only meant for motorized vehicles. In fact; under the laws of many states, even the cyclists riding bicycles are required to wear helmets. Therefore, it would be good for the user of the electric bicycle to have a close look at the local regulations to know exactly about the use of helmet for their vehicle.

Road Registration

Like the wearing of helmets, it may be necessary having road registration for the electric bicycles under the local laws though there are no uniformity in the uses and practices followed by different states in this regard. Electric bicycles that has the top speed of 13 miles per hour and that reduces the power output of the motor while reaching the top speed are classified as bicycles and the only requirements for them would be that –
The rider is 14 years or above in age; and
The motor cuts off when it reaches the speed of 14 miles per hour.

No pollution based restrictions on electric bicycles mean that they are considered to be zero emission vehicles.

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