The trend is an important factor that homeowners consider when they are planning a kitchen renovation. One of the areas of interest is the color of the cabinets. Installing emerald green kitchen cabinets may seem too bold for some homeowners. But in equal measure, some homeowners also prefer such bold colors.

If you are planning to install new cabinetry with emerald green in mind, you might find this article useful as it will explore some of the important questions that you must answer before you proceed.

Important questions to answer before installing emerald green cabinetry

1. What colors will go well with emerald green

It is a great idea to keep your mind open to different color options. To start with, neutral colors are the best to complement emerald green kitchen cabinets. The beauty of neutral colors is that they do not clash with the main colors.

If you are open to bold color ideas, you can choose bold colors. You must understand the impact of the color chosen before settling on it. A quick online search on Pinterest might get you started on this.

2. How will the countertops look like?

Emerald green is a conspicuous color. While it plays a calming role in the kitchen, you need to remember that the countertops should be active. Pick a color scheme for your countertops that reflect emerald green. Again, you can borrow ideas online if you are stuck. Starting with neutral colors is recommended for homeowners that are not sure about the color choice.

3. What amount of light is there in the kitchen?

Lighting in the kitchen is an important factor that you should not ignore. Ensure that your kitchen has sufficient lighting before you choose any shade of green in the kitchen. As a bold color green works to ‘steal’ the kitchen space. Therefore, you need more lighting that would make the space look bigger.

Ideas that you can start with include adding a chandelier or LED bulbs to your cabinetry. If your budget is big enough, you can open up your windows to get more natural light into the kitchen.

How to get started?

Ideally, visiting a professional kitchen designer is the best way to go when you are using emerald green kitchen cabinets. However, you can do it alone and borrow ideas from online sources that offer free design ideas.

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