Fitness is not all about big arms and bulk up look. Lean and healthy look is something everyone is trying to achieve but they get it wrong at the first stage of losing body fat: dieting.

For successful diet you need to reduce your daily intake of calories and the most obvious way to do that is to eat food with lower percent of fat.

On contrary food which contains a high percent of fat will give you that extra calorie boost. But is all fat bad?

First you need to understand that fat is being divided into two separate groups:

- Saturated fat (unhealthy, can cause many health concerns - high blood pressure)

- Unsaturated fat (healthy, body needs it to survive, supplement omega3)

Marketing companies have made "fat" look like the main cause of illness, bad health, obesity and as advertised: food with 0% of fat is all the sudden treated as healthy and good for you.

It all comes from an argument that protein and carbon hydrates "carry" only 4kcal/g as oppose to fat which has 9kcal/g. From this statement it is logic that you need to cut back fatty food to lower your calorie intake so you can lose weight. To some degree that is true but let me tell you this:

Researches show that human has, due to the fact we live a less active life than a few thousand years ago, difficulties with digesting carbon hydrates. Consequently insulin which manages your blood sugar cannot operate at the pace that needed to provide all the cells with sugar.

One main reason of obesity are the "hidden sugars" also carbon hydrates.

Your body needs fat (unsaturated) to work properly!

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