The demand for experts in IT-related jobs is increasing day by day with innovations in technology. In various IT industries, employers are seeking employees with advanced IT skills. These advanced information technology skills are taught in IT bootcamps which have gained recognition among IT professionals over the last years.

There are several ways you can start your career effectively in the information technology industry. One way is you can either earn a master’s degree in computer science or join IT bootcamps. IT bootcamps are more popular among employees and students as they not only provide the key programming skills in a short and very intensive timeframe but also give the option of choosing computer science as a major degree.
The following are some aspects that will help you decide between an IT Bootcamp and computer science degree as an educational path for a successful career in the IT field.

What is meant by IT Bootcamps?
IT bootcamps training, as the name indicates, are time-limited and fierce. The training contains fast track learning models and projects, benefiting students to easily develop web applications, digitals tools and software programs themselves.

IT bootcamps classes are available in all shapes and sizes. The average duration of these classes is 12 weeks but can be as long as 28 weeks or as short as six weeks, according to the subject under consideration. The training can also be full time or part-time and usually require students or employees to take a break from their regular job to focus attention on the bootcamps.
IT Bootcamp classes are not only accessible online, but they are also provided by different private universities and colleges, vocational schools and institutes. Furthermore, several private IT Bootcamp companies partner up with different established schools and provide IT Bootcamp courses through them.

IT bootcamps are geared towards fast and highly effective learning. Many students prefer IT bootcamps because the available courses can be completed in a short time as compared to college or university degree courses. So, if you are either a student in search of new expertise or an employee hunting for advanced certification, joining the IT Bootcamp training is the right option.

Is IT Bootcamps worth it?
IT bootcamps are designed to provide individuals with relevant material and related academic requirements. Therefore despite knowledge and capability upon entrance, the unique framework of IT Bootcamp training in Florida and other US states facilitates students with the information necessary to pass their selected certification exam while simultaneously learning career skills practically through experience as well.

There are several benefits of opting to enroll in IT bootcamps than getting a graduate degree in computer science from any university. For example, many universities are offering computer science programs that are four years long with average tuition fees surpassing more than $100,000. On the contrary, IT bootcamps training is just 14 weeks long and costs around $11,000, which is quite affordable in comparison.

Moreover, thanks to the unique framework of IT bootcamps, individuals who didn’t have conventional education are now presented with quality education and ample job opportunities as IT bootcamps easing the pathway to entry for underprivileged groups.

Preference to Bootcamp Grads
According to Indeed, a worldwide job searching website has witnessed in their resume database the doubling of annually increased job seekers with Bootcamp experience since 2010.

Many employees have also stated that they can secure IT-related jobs through technical skills they have learned in IT Bootcamp training. IT bootcamps provide short but intensive training that covers courses such as Cybersecurity, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Full-Stack Web Development, UX/UI Design, etc. Therefore, if you are seeking a career in the IT field such as data scientist, software developer, cybersecurity analyst or product manager, etc. an IT Bootcamp is the right option for you to join.
Although many companies now prefer to hire IT Bootcamp graduates over university graduates, one should still set their salary expectations and goals before joining IT Bootcamp to prepare themselves for the learning experience.

How much do you pay for IT Bootcamp Training?
Even though the tuition fees of IT bootcamps are lower than that of universities and colleges, it differs according to the program, duration, and types of teaching methods. For example, the cost of online training or short courses will be cheaper and will take less time to complete than those that are provided in-person which generally takes more time to complete.

The average tuition fees for IT Bootcamp is around $12,000. There are other ways you can easily refrain yourself from paying the full tuition fees of IT Bootcamp entirely before you apply for a job. For example, you can use the option of deferred tuition fees or sign income sharing agreements – which is a great alternative to student loans - or go for the external lending partners. Hence, you should choose an option for payment that does not leave you with large interest debt and covers all the expenditures of IT Bootcamp.

Be wise when choosing the IT Bootcamp
Even though technological innovations are happening every day, businesses and industries are still struggling to fill the gap of employees with tech skills. The reason behind this is that universities have failed to produce a fair number of graduates. Joining the IT bootcamps seems to be the only answer to all the aforementioned issues.
IT bootcamps fees are cheaper than any tuition fees of colleges and universities. They provide a perfect solution to IT employees and students who want to speedily enhance their technical skills in a short period.

Information technology bootcamps sessions are designed and set according to individual needs. Some IT bootcamps are available online and the learning materials are accessible through interactive forums, while other IT bootcamps are available through live tutorial classes. Some IT bootcamps are provided through one-on-one mentorship, while other IT bootcamps deliver the mixture of aforementioned features. IT bootcamps fees are cheaper in comparison to the tuition fees of colleges and universities. They provide a perfect solution to IT employees and students who want to enhance their technical skills in a short time.

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