If you have tried and failed to achieve the fulfillment and abundance you desire, chances are limiting beliefs are blocking your success. This is because our subconscious beliefs actually set the limits of what each of us can achieve.

Most of us hold hidden beliefs that are opposite to the ones we consciously affirm. Beliefs that say it’s not safe to take risks, that we won’t succeed anyway, so why try? Beliefs that tell us that success is for other people, or having money is dangerous, or it’s just too hard to achieve.

These beliefs have been programmed into us from our earliest childhood (or before). They form our basic assumptions about life, ourselves, and other people. And we often aren't even aware of them.

Most neuroscientists agree that 95% of our mental activity is unconscious. And that 95% is largely responsible for running our lives! These subconscious beliefs form our operating instructions for life.

Therefore, trying to achieve your goals with limiting beliefs installed is like trying to drive a car while keeping one foot on the brake. Your conscious mind is saying “Yes, let’s go,” but your subconscious mind is saying “No way! Stop! I’m not budging!” And you know which one is going to win!

This is why will power, positive thinking, affirmations, and the Law of Attraction as taught in The Secret seldom work as promised. These methods only teach part of the truth. It feels good while you’re saying an affirmation, but as soon as you stop, the automatic programming of your subconscious mind takes over again.

No matter how many affirmations you pile on top, those persistent limiting beliefs that are hidden in the subconscious will continue to undermine you. It’s like putting whipped cream on a mud pie. It may look and sound pretty, but it doesn’t address the underlying issues that are really controlling your life.

Using ordinary methods – including psychotherapy – it is very hard to shift these deeply entrenched patterns. It takes specially developed tools, that speak the same language as the subconscious, to work on this deep level to create real change.

Fortunately, such tools exist. Some very creative methods - using imagery, meditation, ritual and other body-mind “right brain” approaches that speak the language of the subconscious - have been shown to be highly effective in changing deeply-rooted beliefs. And they're also really fun!

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