Computers have changed the way we live our lives forever, simply imagining life without computers can be hard to comprehend, because computers have made our lives more convenient and productive. On the other hand, as a society at large, we have become too dependent on computers, which certainly isn’t a good thing. Yet, there’s no going back, because computers is here to stay. As a consequence, we rely on our computers for a variety of applications, such as storing photographs, home-movies, financial records; copies of birth certificates, passports, and other sensitive information. As shocking as it may sound, most people never take any steps to secure folders that contain documents related to their personal information. Nonetheless, our personal computers are machines, and like any other machine; they break down eventually, and sometimes without notice. Every so often, when your computer breaks down, you lose all of your data, and that data is often times not recoverable. So how can you ensure that your data is not lost? You can do one of three things: either backup your existing data onto another hard-drive located on your computer, or back it up using a portable HDD drive.

The third option is perhaps the most popular one; this option enables you to save your important files to an online backup server. Today there are quite a few online backup services, which enable the user to upload their important data onto a remote server. When you need access to those files, you can simply log-in and download the files you need. Online back-up services are convenient means to access your files from any computer with an active internet connection. Case in point: if you backed up all your important files from your home computer to an online backup server, and your computer burns down the next day, you can retrieve your important files by downloading them from another computer. However, online back-up services are not without flaws. Many of them do not guarantee that your files will be safe from hackers, because your files may not be encrypted when you use an online backup service. Encryption technology assures that only you can access your files, if a hacker doesn’t know your password, he stands no chance at stealing your personal information.

Although there are some online backup services that encrypt your files when you upload them, their desktop application don’t have the option to encrypt your personal files located on your desktop, which means that although your online files may be protected through encryption technology, your files located on your computer are not. Therefore, if a hacker is determined to steal your personal information, he can easily do so by gaining access to your personal computer. However, all hope is not lost. Software like folder lock not only enables you to back-up your files using encrypted online backup but also password protect folders located on your computer’s hard drive. Therefore, hackers trying to access your files located on your desktop or laptop will not be able to gain access to your private folders.

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Cara W Morris is Marketing Manager at New, a data protection and Information Security company that provides software with encrypted online backup and portable drive security.