All of us have goals we want to accomplish and in order to accomplish these goals we need to know what needs to be done and what doesn't.

We have habits that may contribute or hinder us from reaching our goals. These are our productive and unproductive habits.

To explain them more clearly, let us discuss what a productive and unproductive habit is. A productive habit is a habit that helps us reach our goals. It provides us with the necessary action to attain what we have set out to accomplish, while an unproductive habit does the opposite. An unproductive habit moves us further from the goal we want to accomplish and prevents us to reach it.

Let us take the goal of having a healthy lifestyle as an example. We consciously know that to have a healthy lifestyle we should eat healthy food and exercise regularly, but because we have the habit of drinking soda and beer and eating junk food we are unable to reach this goal of ours. These habits are unproductive and prevent us from having a healthy lifestyle. A habit that we should develop is to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and setting aside time for exercise. Now these are the habits that you want to have and they are the productive habits.

Another goal we may have and can use as an example is when we have a project we need to accomplish. We know that in order to do good on our project and to finish it we need to work on it, but what happens is that we put off doing our project and give excuses to ourselves why we don’t work on it at the earliest possible time. What we do is we procrastinate. This habit is very unproductive and puts a BRAKE on the action that is needed to be done. When the time comes that you need to submit your project, you cram and do the project hastily. You wish you had more time but don’t. When you finish the project you feel that you could have done better and you were not able to give your 100% to the project. The quality was sacrificed. Having said this, we should realize that our unproductive goals do nothing good for us. It puts our health, wealth, success and happiness on hold. Now why would we want that? Let us consciously do what is necessary to get rid of these unproductive goals and develop productive ones.

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