Customer satisfaction is how happy customers are with a brand’s products or services. It is an indication of how a company’s products or services meet or exceed the expectation of customers. How well does the purchased product or service perform, how good was the purchase experience, does the brand provide excellent customer service, how likely would you be to recommend the brand to a friend or family member, etc. — these are some of the questions that will help you assess how satisfied your customers are.

Customer satisfaction is important to build customer loyalty. Loyal customers bring in repeat business and potential customers.

Product or service quality is one of the components that determine customer satisfaction (CSAT). It is not the same as CSAT. However, they are closely related. An increase in service or product quality will increase customer satisfaction. But those are not the only components that influence customer satisfaction.

What are the factors that influence customer satisfaction?
Personalized service: Customers greatly appreciate personalized services. Utilize latest technology, like automation, to empower your customer service team to extend swift, efficient personalized support. While this may be expensive to do in-house, you can outsource customer service to inbound call centre services providers or call centre outsourcing services providers. This way you can extend good customer service in a cost-effective way.

Accessibility: Brands need to be accessible. Make it easy for customers to deal with you. They should be able to find and access your products and services, without any barriers, on their channel of choice.

Real-time service: Live chat and other real-time services increase convenience. Customers get instant assistance, most often while they are trying to make a purchase decision. This can vastly increase the chances of a purchase.

Make customers feels valued: Customers want to feel valued. Extend service that shows that the brand cares for them. Customers will return the love they receive.
Good communications: Hire professional customer service agents to ensure that your customers receive the best assistance. This is possible when you utilize the help of call centre services or outsource customer service providers. You not only cut costs in the process, but also benefit from the increased efficiency, leading to increased revenue.

It is evident how quality, customer satisfaction and their factors are independent aspects. However, they are closely related. Phykon is always for you regarding inbound call centre services or call centre outsourcing services.
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It is quite tough to build a business. But what’s even tougher is serving & retaining existing customers.

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