Buying a refurbished server may be the best option if your company needs servers for an affordable price. Dedicated servers can meet various network requirements in tower-based, simple rack-mount, blade, and dense rack-mount models. But will they still be reliable if you buy them in a refurbished (aka reconditioned) condition? The points below assess whether refurbished hardware is something you should avoid or feel confident buying.


The price


Storage4server Offer the lower cost of refurbished equipment is the main reason companies shop for refurbished servers for sale. In most cases, reconditioned hardware costs at least twenty-five percent less than new hardware, and discounts can be as much as half or more. In terms of cost, reconditioned equipment is worth buying, especially when many companies are trying to cut money from their IT budgets.




Refurbished hardware warranties range from thirty days to lifetime coverage. Most sellers offer a better guarantee for refurbished products than for used products. However, unless hardware coverage is extended, defects are often repaired at the customer's expense. When refurbished servers include a lifetime warranty, customers should feel confident investing in them. They should feel confident that the vendor has thoroughly rebuilt the equipment.


Technical assistance


When shopping for refurbished servers for sale, some companies fail to consider whether they need technical support after the sale. Most vendors provide pre-sales technical support to help customers choose the right equipment, but those customers may need assistance integrating the equipment into the network. Finding a vendor that offers pre-sales and post-sales technical support adds considerable value to the purchase.




If you are implementing legacy hardware, you should know if the vendor will have additional legacy components available if you need them. If it stocks a large inventory of past hardware lines—many professional sellers of used hardware do—the answer is probably yes. Before finalizing whether additional legacy components are available at that vendor, ask if they will continue to stock hardware from the line you use. If the hardware is available for the foreseeable future, you should feel confident investing in it.




The lifetime of reconditioned servers is determined by the quality of reconditioning they receive. If defects are addressed, damage is repaired, and unserviceable parts are replaced, servers should last as long as the manufacturer indicates. One of the best ways to protect the longevity of refurbished equipment is to ask the vendor for the equipment's failure and return rate—the rate at which equipment fails and is returned. A twelve percent fail and return rate is the industry standard.




Reconditioned servers offer excellent value, as long as they are properly rebuilt, and the vendor offers the value-added benefits mentioned earlier.

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