If you are ready to go for body jewelry, have you taken the time to check which metals are safer and which metals are not. If you are new to body piercing you may not even be aware that different metals have different effects on people. Not everyone’s body responds the same way to all the metals. It is your responsibility therefore to first understand which metal goes with your body type and which metal does not. This calls for a bit of homework from your end before you go ahead and place the order.

Just because you are over enthusiastic about getting your first body jewelry online it does not mean you should make careless choices if you do not want your body to reject the jewelry because you have selected a metal or material that is not compatible with your body type.

Even though individual responses to different metals are different, we are going to go with the safest options available for most people. You still may need to do your personal compatibility checking before narrowing down on the metal for your piercing jewelry.

Titanium body pierce jewelry tops the list of safest metal. It is not without reason titanium is chosen for body implants. Added to that, if you are looking for lightweight jewelry, you should choose this metal. It is also very durable besides being the safest option. The only disadvantage is that it could prove to be little expensive. If you do not mind shelling out few extra dollars then it is worth considering titanium jewelry.

The next in the list is the surgical steel. This is high-grade stainless steel, which is used in the manufacturing of surgical equipment. The chances for infections are a lot lesser when you choose surgical grade steel. Do not confuse this with stainless steel. As far as stainless steel jewelry is concerned, you need to be very cautious with your choice of online stores. Low grade stainless steel could rust even though ideally speaking they are supposed to be rustproof.

Gold is yet another popular option for piercing jewelry. Gold is one of the precious metals and it is been used extensively for body jewelry including piercing jewelry in many parts of the world. You too could safely choose gold piercing jewelry. Gold jewelry is available in 22k and 18k. The cost varies depending on the grade; 22k gold is more expensive when compared to 18k jewelry.

Yet another safer metal option for your piercing jewelry is silver. When compared to gold, it is relatively cheaper. This again is another most common metal for piercing jewelry. Very few people are allergic to silver when compared to the other metals.

These are some of the most common options that we have today. Despite the fact that the above metals are considered the safest based on how majority of people respond or react to these metals, it is important that you test your personal compatibility with these metals.

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