Dental Surgery involves any form of operation on the teeth and the jaw bones so as to alter its natural form. Improper eating habits and poor dental care are the main causes of all the dental problems in India. Due to the lack of care given by the Indian people to their teeth, the number of Dental Surgeons India are flourishing day by day. According to a national survey, it has been found that 60% of the Indian population have never visited a dentist, more than 50% were unconcerned about preventing or curing their dental problems and almost 30% do not use any oral care products.

Medical Treatment India faces a real concern in creating awareness among the people about dental hygiene. Having a wide coverage across the nation with a multitude of dental care service providers is not alone enough. What is the use of facilities if the people do not make most of it? Such is the condition of the state that 24 percent of the population has been suffering from toothache in the past one year and 96 percent were aware of the problem, but only 35 percent had taken treatment from a dentist. India is emerging as the latest hub for dental care. Thousands of people from the USA, Europe and many other parts of the world are flocking to the nation in search of affordable and world-class dental treatments.

Dental Surgeons India offer affordable and low-cost dental solutions, unlike the other nations. This is because of the lower wage rates in the country. There are over 1,00,000 dentists in the country with nearly 20,000 dentists in metros and over 10,000 dental specialists. These include orthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons,peridontists, endodontists, prosthodontists, pedodontists, implantologists, etc. All the dental clinics and hospitals operate with the latest and top quality dental equipment and adhere to certifications that help them adhere to international standards. Dental tourism clubs all the dental treatments with tourism packages so that the visiting patients from the other countries can have a relaxed time during their medical visit to the country. Since the number of people in foreign countries with dental insurance is very less, it is more feasible and economic for them to visit India for their treatment. The availability of English-speaking staff is an added advantage.

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