If people claim that history is not accurate, but rather an individual’s perspective of how the events transpired is, then can we actually blindly believe any story? It is often told that people tend to forget what actually happened and remember how things ‘looked’ from their point of view. Then wouldn’t every story that we come across in the newspaper or on the Internet have an untold side to it. Therefore comes the famous saying of ‘always see both sides of the coin.’ This is exactly what has been the case with Qnet Fraud. Most judgemental people seem to forget the other side of the coin.

There are a number of reports floating around on the web about the Qnet Fraud, but then again there are more reports of its success that exist and those are not being taken into any consideration. One of the largest direct selling companies with a global network, this company has a lot of success stories in its basket. The company provides a huge array of products ranging from personal care to medallions to holiday packages. With a huge base of loyal customers, Qnet has been operating with spell binding success since more than a decade. It is vacuous to think that a company almost reaching its pinnacle would scale those heights with unethical and fraudulent practices.

It has been seen since ages that no business exists without competition and it is an ancient history known to mankind that a lot of these competitors play foul. A company not close in success being targeted is rather unheard of. Why would it? The only reason a potential market leader is targeted to such dark and unethical tactics is because it is on the brink of glory and success. The entire purpose is to put it down in front of the target audience and vandalise its business. And this being the reason for the false reports doing the rounds does not seem like a cock and bull story.

If need be, there are many ways in which the company can debunk the claims made by the fake reviews and reports. The fact that there are millions of loyal customers associated with the company is reason enough to believe that the company is a genuine direct selling firm working on a legit multi level marketing strategy, contrary to the reports of Qnet fraud that falsely accuse it of employing pyramid schemes. After all, the innumerable tales of people making a great life for themselves after being associated with the company are there for all to read.

Just like the way Qnet Fraud is nothing but a marketing ploy, albeit a cheap unethical one, by competitors, there are many things online that have a hidden story to it. If uncovered this story can entirely change the way you look at it. Thus it is often advisable to know both sides of the story before basing your judgement on any issue. As far as Qnet is concerned, there are millions of people out there to back up its innocence and truthfulness.

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An international direct selling brand that utilities the network and multi level marketing (mlm) combined with e-commerce for more info: http://qnetfraud.tumblr.com/