Carotenoids are plant extractions that are said to have effects on human ehalth. There are carotenoids from animals too. One carotenoid substance from animal sources is astaxanthin. This substance can also be used as a dye for animal feeds. Countless dieters are also consumers of astaxanthin supplementations. There are some beneficial constituents in astaxanthin said to be good for fitness.

A lot of the alleged natural products are biologically found from food we eat on a daily basis. If the diet program has seafood limitations, then the dieters could be missing out. Astaxanthin could possibly be the component the reason for red color in salmon, shrimp and lobster. While it is recommended to get the astaxanthin from organic sources, it can be obtained from synthetic resources.

There are many reported advantages of astaxanthin, including the prevention of macular deterioration due to age. This is one of the main anti-oxidant responses associated with this compound. Its use in sunblock products is well known.

Some say that it can prolong the onset of Alzheimer's disease in elderly individuals. This component can also be implicated in cancer and diabetes research. Some people claim astaxanthin can be used to avoid heart disease.

The anti-inflammation effects of astaxanthin dietary supplements are believed to benefit the complexion. It is also believed to boost immune system. Immune system stimulation might be due to the decrease of DNA damage. Some topical creams with astaxanthin are utilized to alleviate sunburn. Astaxanthin's main health benefit is its anti-oxidant property.

Real astaxanthin side effects are rarely seen. Many individuals which have shown hypersensitive reactions claim to be allergic to the organic and natural sources of this pigment. The hypersensitive reactions may be mistaken as side effects. If this is the case, then supplements can be taken instead of relying on natural resources.

There are news of long-term use without observable side effects. But individuals should still think about consultation with a physician to determine whether this compound can be the best supply of antioxidant. It is also recommended to take a safe daily dose of the drug. In excess, this component may bring about health issues.

Pregnant women should avoid compounds that can trigger hypersensitivity. If the woman cannot refrain from taking allergen-containing dietary supplements, the infant may be at risk.

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