Ok, I confess. The question posed by the title really doesn't have a "yes" or "no" answer, at least not a good one.

Certainly there are fast ways to lose weight. Starve. Exercise like crazy all day, every day. Induce diarrhea. As you can see, these are not particularly healthy ways to lose weight quickly. So, that's the first piece of evidence that our question is not quite right.

Ok, are there fast ways to lose weight that are healthy? Here, the answer gets a little trickier. It's "yes," but you have to be a little careful.

For example, you can lose a lot of weight real quick just by drinking a lot of water. It tends to suppress your appetite. Then stop drinking and that water is then flushed quickly. The number on the scale goes down more rapidly.

But, you can actually damage your body (and even induce death) by drinking too much water, too fast (or, by not drinking enough). Also, remember, your goal isn't usually just to get a temporary thrill by seeing a smaller number on the bathroom scales every day.

That last statement is the key to one error in the title question, as stated. You don't want just to lose weight fast. You want to reduce your stored body fat percentage quickly, while staying healthy. After all, if you actually gained 10 lbs but it was all muscle, would you object?

The other error in the title question is the assumption that rapid weight loss is a good thing. Here again, it can be, but with qualifications. Sure, any of us who are overweight would like to shed fat fast.

Preferably, we'd like to do that without hunger pangs, without eight hour gym visits daily, and while becoming healthy practically overnight. Personally, I'd also like to look like Cary Grant without having plastic surgery. (Not your ideal? Fine, fill in your favorite movie star here.)

Sorry, reality is usually a little less accommodating. (Especially on the movie star thing!)
The potential problem with fast weight loss as a primary goal is twofold. First, rapid weight loss usually leads very quickly to rapid weight gain. That yo-yo cycle is annoyingly familiar to dieters. Second, it can damage your health.
So, the right question is more like this: are there fast ways to lose weight that are safe and long-lasting?

Here, the answer is a little less thrilling. It's yes, but "fast" becomes a little more relative. There are certainly healthy ways to lose weight relatively fast, to reduce your body fat, and to keep it down forever. The caveat is that it has to be done carefully, requires a fair amount of willpower, and comes as much from within as from without.

That last statement may appear a little mysterious. All it means is that half the battle (or more) is changing your attitude to food. It means adjusting your lifestyle, changing your thinking. The toughest thing about losing weight (in healthy ways) is losing all those years of bad habits, replacing them with good ones.
There are no miracle drugs, effortless weight loss programs, or magic mental tricks to do that. Still, it is possible — and easier — to lose weight faster than you might think. Millions have done it. You can, too.

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