In recent years, CBD has grown in popularity as a natural remedy for symptoms untreatable with traditional medicine. Cannabidiol was discovered in 1940, however, its effects were not known until the 1960s.

Its use became popular after successfully treating some epileptic seizures in children. For this reason, various studies concluded that cannabidiol or CBD has an anticonvulsant effect and is capable of reducing the transmission of pain signals to the brain.

Today, medical cannabis is legal in most States of the United States of America and several countries in Europe. This substance can be obtained in countries like Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Romania, Spain and Italy. 

CBD is marketed in different presentations, the oil being one of the main ones. However, edible, cbd vegan gummies are occupying a notable presence on the market.

What are CBD gummies?

Edible gummies offer an easier way to take CBD. In the industry, we can find them in different flavours, colours, shapes and concentrations of CBD, which usually range from 5 mg to approximately 50 mg per gummy. There are even gummies with additional nutritional ingredients like chlorella, turmeric, or melatonin.

Cannabidiol generally tastes bitter, and many gummies contain large amounts of added sugar to provide the best result. These products are made from industrial hemp, not marijuana, and do not contain psychoactive properties.

By law, CBD products cannot contain more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), otherwise, manufacturers run the risk of being prosecuted by law.

Are there health benefits to CBD gummies?

Manufacturers of CBD gummies highlight that their products are effective in relieving depression, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and promoting sleep. However, various investigations have mentioned that its effectiveness only includes pure CBD oil, not gummies. This means that there is no scientific evidence to support their effectiveness.

Despite this, gummies are very popular in today's market. In general, the CBD industry is quite new. This means that there are few regulations with the products traded. It is important to do your research on the company before buying. That is, know what method the company uses to make its CBD extracts. It is also important to always check the legislation of the country.

Finally, you have to be careful when buying CBD gummies because some have high levels of THC, the most important and abundant psychoactive component in varieties of the cannabis plant.

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