Our existence in this world has a purpose. We have a purpose and that is to reach the goals that we have for ourselves. We can reach these goals if we have the right tools to use to attain them. If we are not equipped with the right tools then it would be rather difficult or impossible to accomplish this.

Let me explain this further. Let us say that your boss wanted you to hang a picture on his wall. To hang the picture you had to drive a nail into the wall. And so he gives you a chainsaw. You look at the chainsaw and because he is your boss you think that he may know better so you try your luck with it. You begin by hacking away with the chainsaw and after some time with little progress your boss returns to check on you. He asks how you are doing. You reply with “not so good.” He then gives you words of encouragement like, “You can do it,” “Believe in yourself,” and “Work smarter.”

Things do not improve and your boss then says I will give you any chainsaw you want. You can either choose a big one or a small one, or whatever chainsaw you think will work for you. So you try the many different chainsaws you were presented with but all produce the same result. You may have driven that nail into the wall somehow, but after all that work, how do you feel?

Do you feel excited and motivated to continue driving that nail into the wall? Or are you frustrated, angry, annoyed and irritated? You may say to yourself, “I will never be able to drive this nail into this wall.” Look how much time has been wasted on your efforts and still you have not produced the results you set out to achieve.

When placed in this scenario, our ACTIONS may become:
• We complain to other people how hard it is to drive nails into the wall.
• We talk badly about our boss.
• We make excuses just to get out of driving nails into walls.
• We vent out our frustration and stress to members of our family.
• Your mental and emotional health is affected.
• You are unsatisfied with work and look for someplace else to transfer.

Do you experience these feelings in your career, your life or your company?

During my seminars I ask this question and when I do, more than half of my attendees say yes they have experienced this. We have all gone through this type of struggle in our lives when we are tasked to do something but we were not able to accomplish it. What do we do?

Well let us begin by stating that we are not wrong and that we were not given the right tools to accomplish the task. When we start with this we can determine what our next steps should be.

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