Although content may be king on the internet are we actually creating too much information for people to easily digest? With further encouragement from Google to increase our use of content the possibility exists that we're setting the stage for information overload! Since most marketers are using content as their primary marketing strategy are publishers reaching a saturation point online?

The chance of creating an information overload situation online does exist and here are 3 ways it can impact both readers and publishers alike!

Reader Burnout

Whether it's RSS feeds, social sites , press releases or article directories online readers are never at a loss for something new to view! By literally 'flooding' the internet with enormous amounts of new reading material, all focusing on the same subject matter, the stage is being set for information overload! After a while even the most enthusiastic readers will tend to step back in an effort to make sense of the information to which they've already been exposed! Too much of a good thing can certainly result in being the case when people are given more content than they can consume and/or comprehend!

Writer Burnout

The very people using content, and at an increasing rate, are themselves in danger of burn-out as well! Finding, sorting, developing and/or creating content can be very demanding of your time, focus and energy! Trying to maintain a rather aggressive publishing schedule on top of all these other demands can be very stressful which understandably can lead to burn-out! Now sure, lots of businesses outsource their content creation needs thus giving them access to a team of 'fresh' writers but just as many, if not more, do their own writing! Whether you're creative or not, at some point you WILL run out of ideas (and maybe even interest) to find a topic or angle you can use for your next publication!

Sharing 'Secrets' with the Competition

The saying 'success leaves tracks' could also apply to giving your competition advice or even an advantage with information you circulate. The whole point of using content is to supply readers with something useful otherwise how can you expect to gain their attention, interest and loyalty? Well giving away trade 'secrets' to capture reader attention can diminish your competitive edge unless the people you compete against won't see what you published, which they will! Even though nobody in their 'right' mind would give away their best kept secrets, when at a loss for something new to write about, these secrets seem ideal!

Are we in danger of publishing too much information online in an effort to build exposure and credibility? Obviously readers love finding out new things about their favorite topics but since most businesses are using content as their primary marketing strategy are we headed for information overload? As our discussion above suggests, readers can become 'insensitive' to an overabundance of reading material while writers can simply 'burn out' or 'expose' too many secrets to their competitors! In the end using content is a very sound and proven strategy but too much can severely hinder its effectiveness!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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