In the past I have written many posts and articles about human energy and how it relates to healing and transformation. But now we stand on the cusp of a great shift. This shift has been referred to by the Mayans, Hopis, Hindis, Tibetans and many other ancient cultures. Current predictions are that we reach the cusp of this shift on Dec 21, 2012. These years leading up to this cusp have a heightened energetic intensity to them. Many of my clients want to know: Exactly how does a world-wide shift happen anyway? What is happening and what should I be doing during this time?

The term "shift" is referring to a transformation or leap of consciousness that the planet is currently undergoing. Usually, a leap in consciousness occurs when the vibrational energy increases to a certain level that then becomes the tipping or alchemical point for a new sudden new level of consciousness to occur. It could be compared to jumping from one rung of a ladder to the one above it. This can occur for an individual or an entire culture. Evolution of consciousness or moving up the ladder of consciousness is a movement from the bottom up. A good example of an evolution of consciousness is when Europe shifted from the dark ages to the Renaissance.

A different kind of leap in consciousness can occur from the top other words, from an incoming energy that affects the planet and all of her inhabitants. This type of shift is called an involution of consciousness. That is the nature of the shift that we are in. An involution of consciousness is a top down model. Using the metaphor of the ladder, we aren't switching rungs on the ladder but actually switching ladders!

How is this occurring? Our solar system is aligning with the center of the galaxy, which is a black hole. There are highly charged energetic particles that stream from the black hole and that are bombarding our planet now. Our energetic self must be able to assimilate this energy just as it must be able to assimilate the energy from a solar flare or other incoming energies to the planet. This energy increases our vibrational frequency until eventually we have a leap in consciousness.

So how can you prepare for this? By learning about your energetic nature and increasing your vibration through meditation, energy healing, karmic healing, and spiritual growth. During this great shift much of what we know is falling away including many ancient social systems. We must be able to let go with grace and ease and trust that what remains will be exactly what we need in the era after 2012. Enjoy each day and appreciate the beauty that is all around you. Trust that we are moving toward ever greater levels of order and organization for that is the result of either an evolution or involution of consciousness.

Author's Bio: 

gia combs-ramirez is an Advanced Energy Master who has studied human energy for more than 20 years. In 2002 she had a vision of a great column of light descending upon the planet. Shortly there after she and a fellow metaphysical friend received an unexpected energetic download that became known as Crystalline Consciousness Technique™. Her work with this protocol provided her with an entirely new understanding about healing, transforming and manifesting.