In preparation to go to the club, women often try out an average of five dresses before they step out the door. Each dress we try out warrants a stare at the mirror: "Is this dress right for the club? Am I showing too much? Do I look cute? Do I look sexy? From minutes to hours, we batter our fashion sense. Life for us women will be so much easier, if upon putting on the first dress, we immediately have positive answers to those questions. That will give the male counterparts one less thing to nag about.

It is not our fault, for the majority of us, our moral and confidence at the club is greatly empowered by how sexy we look. The most flamboyant woman in the club has their curves properly accentuated by the club dress wrapped around their body. The woman in the sexiest dress receives the most compliments and the men unconsciously ask themselves: "who is that chick?" This attention is one of the few things women want.

My predicament is this, is it possible for a woman to put on a dress, put on her make up, look at the mirror once and step out the door without changing. Or are all women guilty of wasting time. The male counterpart will agree that we are guilty of wasting time; however, the moment we do not look as sexy as they wish. They pay us no attention (shame on them).

Some women may wish they were men; this is only because men don't have to spend a lot of time getting ready to go out to the club. In a matter of minutes, they can be fully dressed. A man can wear the same pair of jeans over and over again; a simple change of shirt can make it look like he just got a new outfit. The number one rule for women is that they cannot be seen in the same dress twice. If I wear a dress to a club in Atlanta, I cannot wear it again until I am in Baltimore and surrounded by nobody I know.

In conclusion I say, "If wasting time makes me guilty, I do not want to be innocent." If you don't want to be guilty, hear are some tricks

1) Do not wait to the last minute to get ready, avoid procrastination
2) Wear a dress: it is easier to pick out a sexy club dress than to decide "what goes better with what"
3) Shop at a site that strictly sells sexy club dresses; for example

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