Are you a Believer? The Monkee’s band from the 1960’s had a hit “I’m A Believer”. I will admit I do remember that song. How about you? All of us believe in something – the question is really what do you believe?

What we believe is based on our beliefs. The word believe is really two words BE and LEAVE. To be is a mindset - you don’t have to do anything, just be. “To be or not to be, that is the question” was a famous quote by Shakespeare. The real questions are how are you being and how are you showing up in your life?

When we are being, we are experiencing our life by just being in the present moment. By Be-ing present we are available for all the good the Universe has to offer. All of us have had times of not be-ing present. What does that look and feel like? It can be multitasking, thinking about the past, spending time worrying about the future. Anything that takes us out of the present moment doesn’t allow us to !n-joy where we are right here and right now.

There are many ways to practice being in the present - practicing the presence of who we are. Try practicing meditating, yoga or reading something that nourishes your mind, body, spirit. When you can spend time be-ing and not doing, you allow yourself that special opportunity to get to know who you really are. When we can be in that present moment, we embrace that feeling of who we are. When we can spend more and more time in that Inner Place, the place within that is our Inner Truth, we understand what our beliefs truly are. When we know what our beliefs are, we then know what we be-leave.

The word leave is an action - you have to do something. Some questions to explore is what has to leave you –what do you need to let go of? What belief is not serving who you really are? So what makes up our beliefs? Do our beliefs actually reflect what are values really are? Our beliefs are made up of values we embody. Just because we believe something doesn't necessarily mean that they support what our values really are. Before we can let go of a belief, it’s important to understand whether it supports your values thus serving who you really are.

I invite you to try an exercise. On one side of an index card, write at the top the words “I Believe” and below that write down 3-5 beliefs that support your Highest Good. On the other side write at the top the words “I Let Go Of” and below that write 3-5 things, ideas that you must let go of to embody the beliefs you wrote on the previous side. Every day for 30 days, I invite you to read out loud or to yourself the front and back of each card. This is how you can be present and give yourself the gift of affirming your Highest Good and letting go what doesn't serve you to allow into your life that which does.

We are all believers - we just have to take the time to be present to embody the beliefs that support who we are. Wherever you are in that magnificent life of yours...whatever place you are in…Don't Stop Believing!

When you believe it, you can weave it, you shall conceive it, you will achieve it! Remember You are Perfect - You are Powerful - YOU are on PURPOSE! Now go out and live the life you were meant to live! !n-Joy! Namaste

Author's Bio: 

Anthony Diaz has more than a decade of practicing family law and mediation, is considered a leader in the area of collaborative law and dispute resolution and follows his powerful, purposeful passions by spiritually empowering others in living the life they desire with purpose and meaning.
As a family law attorney and certified mediator, divorce coach, author and speaker, Anthony also works with clients to heal their pain by navigating with them through life’s choppy waters to come out in a much better position to move on with their life. Anthony realized long ago that his calling and purpose was to dedicate his life making sure that clients knew they had options in resolving their divorce or any conflict or challenge for that matter. He guides them through the process with dignity, empowering them to make healthy choices.