Fitness buffs can’t imagine a day without exercise. If you are one of them, then you probably hit the gym every day without fail and follow a workout regimen religiously. You also raise your fitness benchmarks quite regularly while following a healthy diet. But, what if you had to skip your workout for a couple of days? This doesn’t even cross your mind, right? Well, you may come across a situation that keeps you away from your favourite treadmill and dumbbells. It could be anything from an unmanageably tough work deadline, a family vacation or a social function like your cousin’s wedding which demands you to be on your toes for quite a few days.

When fitness lovers miss out on their workouts, they are likely to experience exercise withdrawal syndrome. This syndrome is characterised by mood swings, depression and irritated behaviour. According to a study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, fitness freaks who missed out on working out for a week developed depression and fatigue. But you don’t need to drop your shoulders if you have missed your exercise session. You can make up for it in the sex session with your partner and get your dose of workout. Yes, you heard us right. There are various sex poses that will make you work out really hard. Starting from working on your various muscles to increasing your flexibility, these make out poses can do it all for you. However, your partner has to be equally fit to ace these poses.

Glute bridge women on top
As the name suggests, this sex pose requires the male partner to get into the glute bridge position. In this pose, the man lies flat on his back and bends both the knees while keeping the feet flat on the ground. Then, using the strength of his core muscles, he tries to push his hips upwards creating a bridge between the back and the feet. In this sex pose, the woman goes on top of her male counterpart with her feet on the ground. During the act of sex in this position, the man performs squats using his glutes, core and hamstrings while the female partner is in command, regulating the pace and depth. Since the man lifts the body weight of his partner in this pose, he should use a cushion to support your back and neck.
Fitness benefits: This pose will help you strengthen your core muscles, hamstrings and glutes.

Glowing triangle
You must have heard about the missionary sex pose. In this pose, the man gets on top of his female partner who lies flat with her back on the bed and initiates the moves. Glowing triangle is just a variation of this traditional sex pose. Here, the man is on top in a plank position (on all fours) but the woman does all the work. She works her way up with a raised pelvis wrapped around the man which increases the depth of penetration. Using a pillow beneath the back will help perform the moves better.
Fitness benefits: While the man can strengthen his shoulders and triceps, the muscles involved in a plank, the woman can reap the benefits a hamstring and quadricep workout.

Wall-sit reverse cowgirl
For this sex pose, the male has to strike an exercise pose known as wall-sit. In this position, the male partner has to stand leaning against the wall, with his feet shoulder-width apart. After this, he has to slide down, till he bends 90 degrees at his hips and knees. In wall-sit reverse cowgirl pose, the woman has to look away from the partner and do squats on her man.
Fitness benefits: This sex pose gives a workout to both the partners on their glutes, hamstrings and quads. The male partner can increase the strength of his calf muscles by balancing his body on his toes instead of the feet.

In this sex pose, the female partner has to stand on all fours with her palm placed on the floor. The man has to lift the woman from her pelvis by her thighs for having sex. This position should be tried only when you are in a playful mood.
Fitness benefits: The wheelbarrow pose can strengthen the arms of the woman while giving a good workout to her abs. The male partner, on the other hand, can reap the benefits of weight lifting. His leg muscles will also be strengthened.

Chair pose
The chair pose requires you to exercise your squat skills. To have sex in this position, the male partner has to sit on the chair. The woman should face the man and stand with her feet together and hands on her hip. She should bend her knees, sit on the lap of her partner and perform squats while keeping both of your hands above your head.
Fitness benefits: This pose will give the woman a full body workout helping in muscle building.

In this sex position, the body of the woman takes the shape of V during intercourse. The female partner has to sit on a table and the man has to stand facing her. The man enters his partner when the woman spreads her legs and supports her body on her palm. After penetration, the woman places her legs on the male partner’s shoulders.
Fitness benefits: With this sex pose, the woman’s hip flexors and body posture are improved. It can also reduce her risk of a fall. Moreover, she gets a good ab workout.

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