For those of you who know me, I have worked with women for many years who are struggling with conceiving a baby.  I write, not only from a professional place, but also from a very personal place, for I tried to get pregnant for a very long time.  This struggle is such a deep and painful road for many people.  It can also be a profoundly transformative experience as well.

Over the many years, I have come to believe that one’s fertility is synonymous with one’s life force.  We think of fertility when thinking about women becoming pregnant.  But in actuality, fertility lives in us long before and after the baby producing years.

Fertility is the life force, the green lush rain forest that lives within us.  It is our creativity, and the expression of our birthright.  Women come to me with different stories, whether it involves believing that they are no longer fertile, that their FSH levels are too high, or that their infertility is unexplainable. I say to these women, where is the fertility in your life?  Where is the fertility living in your body?  Is the relationship between you and your partner luscious?  Are you living your life’s dream?  What are you deeply passionate about?

I recognize that there truly are conditions that live in the body and in the environment that affect one’s fertility.  But for the most part, I find that the vast amount of reproductive difficulties respond to this work I call mind-body fertility awareness.  This involves shedding light on all the ways in which your body-mind shuts down, stops growing, and in all the ways that the juicy aliveness drains from your life.

I look out of my window at the rich powerful oak tree that stands proudly as a guardian to our property.  I am having a love affair with this tree.  This tree is vibrant, luscious and green.  It is powerful in all of its parts: its’ roots, trunk, branches, and leaves.  The roots do not apologize to the trunk.  The trunk does not stop supporting the branches.  This tree connects effortlessly to all of its parts so that it lives in unison with itself and with nature.  It is a great symbol of fertility, bearing the seeds of acorns throughout the year.

This tree is like the language of your fertility.  Your tree consists of the thoughts, words, imaginings, mental pictures, and emotions that stimulate wellness, illness, and infertility.  Your grief, sadness, anger, disappointments, and any other negative states of being, show up as symptoms and ailments in your body tree. This may show up in the way you feel about your husband, your mother, your work, your body, your lack of joy, your life’s circumstance, etc.  Because your body is constantly influenced by your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, which manifest themselves physically, your life story becomes your biology.  Only you know inside of yourself what that talk sounds like.  And only you can translate this to allow your body- mind talk to flow harmoniously, like a powerful tree.

After translating these messages behind your experiences, the great challenge is then to change your life’s situations (as well as your response to them) to which your mind-body is responding negatively.  Healing childhood wounds is not only a way to reclaim your reproductive rights, which is vital for women seeking to become pregnant and to hold a baby to term, but is also a way to heal other aspects of your life so that you can live the experience you are meant to live.  You might ask your self as you read this, is your life juicy or is it dry?  Are you living the life you are meant to live?  If not, what mind-body talks interferes with you living in the centre of your fertility tree?

Author's Bio: 

I am a student of life and a licensed psychotherapist whose own life is committed to deep and profound healing. I am a wife, a grateful mother, a sister, a daughter, and a soulmate to my soul-sister friends. For sixteen years, I have offered myself as a guide, and a healer with a medicine bag. I pray at the temple of nature and open in the presence of beauty, connections, and Spirit. I am passionate about bringing the inner work of mindfulness to every aspect of life.