How long have you been trying to find the right formula to make money online? Me? About 8 years. Have you ever joined an internet marketing company that you were excited about, only to find out you had to spend even more money once you joined to get to the next level? Have you had to purchase additional tools to build your business or to purchase traffic for your site? Have you been made promises that haven’t been fulfilled? Have you gotten frustrated and given up? I have.

I have spent thousands on trying to build an internet business. I have joined “opportunities” and purchased products that haven’t panned out for me. It has made those who sold it to me rich, however. I got tired of making other people rich without getting anything in return, and I gave up for a while. This year I decided to try it again, but this time my experience has been much better - perhaps because I am a bit older and my expectations are more realistic, or perhaps because I have found people who are willing to help me out.

If you are still reading this I assume you have also been trying for some time to find a way to make it in this crazy internet world. I have found a site that can help you with all of this by helping you connect with hundreds of others who are doing the same thing. The site is called SWOM, Super World of Marketing or Super Word of Mouth, as some call it.

Many in the SWOM community have been members for a while, and I have found them more than willing to provide information on what has been working for them. It is amazing to me that they are willing to share the benefit of their knowledge and experience, but they are, and they do it in such a kind and respectful way.

SWOM is unique compared to other social networking sites such, as Twitter or Facebook, because they pay you to participate in the site’s online community. By connecting with and communicating with others, you earn points. Your earnings are based on the number of points you amass.

If you upgrade to “gold” status at a cost of around $30 per month, the opportunity to accumulate points is even greater. With the upgrade, the SWOM’s affiliate program kicks in to offer another money-making opportunity. Some members report making at least enough to pay for their gold membership, but many are making a significant monthly income by driving potential members to the site. The two-tier payment plan allows sponsors to be paid a nominal amount for free members, and even more when that member upgrades to “gold status.”

Whether you are looking for a way to learn from others who are in the business, to promote your business opportunities, or to make some good money from referrals, I urge you to check out SWOM.

Author's Bio: 

Beth Mollenkamp is a professional with an advanced degree in clinical and organizational psychology. She has published a number of articles on business, online marketing, and self growth. She is a proud member of Wealth Creations Network.