In the spiritual community, we use a lot of words to describe our divine selves without knowing the true meaning. Goddess and God for example, are two words that are used loosely and incorrectly when describing oneself. It’s okay to think highly of yourself, however your character and appearance must fit the description you claim to be.

First things first, you will never be a God or a Goddess. There’s only one God, one ruler of all. Now, what God means to you is completely up to you, but my point is, no human being has the grace or power it takes to be on that divine level. Now, what we are capable of doing is stepping into our God or Goddess consciousness.

Here are 7 rules to step into your God or Goddess consciousness.

#1 Meditation.
There are different forms of meditation but the one you have to master is meditating through the cosmos. You are trying to discover your divine self so you must communicate with divine beings. This will allow you to receive the instructions you need to live your best life and use your gifts and talents accordingly. Meditations should be done at least twice a day in order to get the results you desire.

#2 Wisdom.
Knowledge is key but applying the knowledge is wisdom. You must apply the knowledge to your life and this is easier said than done because it requires discipline and patience. Changes don’t come overnight so don’t be discouraged. When you’re able to follow instructions given to you from the divine, your life will begin to change as if by magic.

#3 Control over your emotions.
You must have control over your emotions. Nothing should be able to break your peace of mind. You have to be emotionless to some degree and monitor your reactions. Things will happen in life that will pull you out of character and people can easily pull you out of your character so you must practice daily being at peace with yourself so that you don’t display jealousy, anger, greed, or lust.

#4 Tunnel vision.
You can’t pay attention to anything but what’s in front of you. You can’t allow anything to distract you from your goals. You have your instructions, you know what needs to be done, so just do it. If you keep your eyes in front of you, you won’t be able to pay attention to the distractions on the side lines.

#5 Discipline.
You must be disciplined in following your instructions. There are the do’s and don'ts, so pay attention not to lose your focus. The divine has everything perfectly aligned for you when you follow the program. If you miss one detail, that can sabotage the whole thing, so no shortcuts and no excuses.

#6 Confidence.
Always represent your best self whatever that means to you. Your beauty or look should come easy if you’re being your authentic self. Know your beauty and the power you possess. Don’t worry about what the next person is doing just concentrate on yourself. If you believe in yourself and what you represent, no one can make you feel insecure.

#7 Remain Humble.
When you start to see things manifesting it’s important to remain humble. The same way it was given, it can be taken away. You want to attract the right attention and keep positive vibes all around you. Staying humble allows you to teach others and reach others which the whole purpose of you working with the divine.

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Spiritualist, alchemist, writer, and spiritual coach.