Charlotte is quizzed by her new found lover as to her true sexual orientations and feelings.

“If you have read any of the top lesbian books, do you think that you are a confirmed lesbian? After all they contain the best lesbian stories.”
The question jolted Charlotte, she had never thought about that, she had just followed her emotions and the situations that had come her way. Abu followed up with a series of questions.
“I will tell you whether you are or not, would you like to know?” Charlotte was intrigued.
“Yes, I suppose so, but how can you tell?”
“First you have to answer my questions honestly. If you don’t feel capable of answering any one, then tell me, don’t cheat or guess. You may rub my back while I ask, I would like that; but no more than that. Understood?”
“Yes my Sphinx.” Charlotte slid her hands down the back of Abu’s small frame. Abu for her part rested her chin in her hands bending her elbows so that she could look down on Charlotte’s face, and directly into her eyes. Charlotte could well understand why she had been told to massage Abu’s back’; it relaxed her and she felt less intimidated by the bright green eyes holding her transfixed. It felt like being in one of the finest lesbian story books.
“What parts of a woman’s body do you find especially attractive?”
“All of it; but especially the mouth, breasts, mons, clitoris, vagina and the bottom.”
“Do you like to be dominated or submissive?”
“Both, it depends on the person that I feel drawn to. But then as the relationship develops it can be both.”
”Do you like pain?”
“Sometimes, but it has to be given by someone I trust and feel for. Also it should be a precursor to being made love to. Pain by itself or for sadism I would hate.”
“But if you are chastised for being naughty, what then?”
“That is different, I know before-hand that I deserve it, maybe even solicited it, and I know that the person administrating my punishment will be correct in the pain level, as I was when punishing errant girls in my College.”
“Do you like to be penetrated, and where?”
“Yes I love to be penetrated, but mainly in my bottom.”
“Why especially your bottom?”
“Because it is very sensitive, and I find it very erotic. But I suppose it is also due to the fact that I do not want to lose my virginity.”
“Mmmmm. Interesting.” Abu gazed into Charlotte’s eyes and smiled.
“Do you want most, to be the protector, or the protected?”
“On balance more the protected I think.”
“Have you ever seen the male body naked and close up?”
“Yes. I used to go with a young black boy to the local dam to swim, we used to talk a great deal and go skinny swimming when it got too hot, but I never touched him, nor him me. We respected our privacy in that area.”
“Did his body disgust you in any way, or did you find it interesting?”
“No it did not disgust me, and yes I suppose I was curious more than interested.”
“Did you never want to touch him?”
“Yes, often, I was curious to see what his willy would be like when aroused, but then held back because I was afraid of the result if I touched it.”
“Why do you want to keep your virginity?”
“Difficult to answer, at the beginning it was because my aunt told me to; now I suppose I have become afraid to lose something I cannot replace. Does that make sense?”
“Yes absolutely. It is a bit like letting go of a hand hold that makes you feel secure. In short, the unknown.”
“Do you like babies, and would you like one of your own?”
“Yes I find babies adorable, and would love to have my very own, but not sure if I want the relationship that goes with it.” Charlotte was still gently running her fingers up and down Abu’s spine. Lesbian story books never posed questions like these.
“Have you ever been aroused by the way a man has looked at you?” Charlotte thought for a moment, then she remembered the ay that Sally’s boyfriend had stared at her when he came over to their table.
“Yes.” She answered slowly.
“One time I remember clearly was when I went to a dance hall in Oxford, and our flatmate’s boyfriend came to our table I felt his eyes on my face and then my body, this quickly began to turn me on as I wondered what it would be like to be possessed by him and be subjected to his advances.”

“Well from what you say I believe you are a lot like me, for possibly different reasons.
I was tutored by my mother in the arts of making love, just by way of explanations may I add, no physical contact whatsoever. In our society she explained that when my husband takes me to bed, and only after marriage, I must still be a virgin.
Anything else is strictly taboo, as in many best lesbian stories.

However she strongly recommended having sexual relationships with women.
Not just to relieve my frustrations; but as she also pointed out the male and female bodies are not that different when it comes to erogenous areas and stimuli. She said that learning about sex was a two way street, and to respect both you’re and your partner’s bodies was a vital element in a successful marriage.”
Abu leant forward and kissed Charlotte lightly on her lips.
“You, my lioness, show all signs of a perfectly balanced young woman, yes your early life has tilted you towards lesbianism, and whilst I think that attraction will never leave you, I am also convinced that when you do meet a man you can respect and love, and likewise he for you; that, like me, you will settle down into a happy and harmonious sharing. Helped, not hindered, by your previous relationships that will have made you very experienced to the sensitivities of your partner. Which is the very best foundation for a long term relationship.”
“Well what you say makes a great deal of sense, and also removes any doubts that were harbouring at the back of my mind that I was not a fit person to marry.”
“Now after all that talking, I want to be taken care of in front of this warming fire, when we have finished will take you to bed and treat you to something that you almost certainly have never experienced before, even better than the top lesbian books.”

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

Author's Bio: 

I am an India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.