Do you want to be more successful, but you just don’t know what you want or what you need to do? Are you just a little lost? No problem. It’s as easy as changing your thoughts. If you are going to be more successful, you must change any negative thoughts that you may be having into positive thoughts. If you think something might be impossible, ask yourself these questions:

What can be changed or done to make it possible?
How can I be better tomorrow?
If it was possible, where would I start?
Who can help me make this a reality?
How can I do this differently in order to get the result I want?
What is the absolute worst possible thing that can happen if I try?
Can I live with that?

If you are prepared to live with the worst that can happen, you’ll be able to take the risk and handle the really big challenges.

What most people don’t realize is that achieving 100% of their goals is not a requirement. Even if you don’t achieve everything you will still be out in front of where you were. It is a fact that goals, whether they are totally achieved or not, still constructively change your life.

To try something really big and fail could be the best thing that ever happened to you. A wise philosopher once said, “It is far better to try mighty things and fail, than to try nothing and succeed!”

Some people subscribe to the belief there is no such thing as “try.” Some cute little character in a movie said it and they all bought into it. I think of the word try as an acronym. “To Respect Yourself.” If you don’t try, you won’t respect yourself. To try means you respected yourself enough to put forth some effort toward your desired result. When you do that, you will also gain the respect of others.

If we make the effort, and for some reason, we don’t meet our goals the first time, it doesn’t mean we are a failure. Failure is when we give up the effort…when we stop trying. Failure is also when we don’t make the effort to be all we can be! I once heard a slogan which stuck in my mind. You might want to write it down and post it somewhere you will see it often. Here it is: “It matters not if you try and fail. And fail and try again. But it matters much if you try and fail. And fail to try again.”

What will you try today?

Author's Bio: 

Judi Moreo is an author, speaker, and life coach. She has written 11 books including “You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power.” Judi can be reached at or go directly to her website by going to