Are you a Modern Urban Hero?”

Only you can answer this, yet the fact that you’re reading this, is an indicator.

The journey of the Modern Urban Hero first quest begins with the choice to leave the comfort and safety of the false self (all the stuff that was inherited from his upbringing), embarking on an inner journey of discovering and then lead a liberated life that is “beyond belief,” beyond the limiting and separating thought patterns, that have been either inherited or unconsciously created by the ego as an attempt to protect his/her vulnerability by creating strategies of control.

The Modern Urban Hero knows that life has given each of us a core wound to be healed and a core purpose to be fulfilled. This is the soul-work that each of us is here to do! It’s both our greatest contribution to Life and where we find our wholeness and deepest joy!

Our early hero’s lived in a world of good versus evil, light in a constant battle against the dark. This old consciousness remains dominant still today. Yet, a new consciousness is emerging and inevitable, if we are to survive. The imagery of the mythological hero ”SLAYING THE DRAGON” will be replaced by the Modern Urban Hero seeking to understand the dragon,discover the fears and value rather than seeing dragon as his enemy; connecting versus conquering.

The Modern Urban Hero also learns to connect with the cut off dragon parts within himself and find ways to accept the dragon and even discover the dragon’s gifts, eventually loving the dragon. The new image is one of the Modern Urban Hero not slaying but RIDING TOGETHER ON THE BACK OF THE DRAGON, harnessing the power of the dragon in service to life.

If enough Modern Urban Hero’s of the world can collectively harness the power of consciousness married with compassion to make this important shift happen, the once divided nations of the world will seek to connect rather than enter in to combat. Our ego’s, our individual experience of ”I” will shift from the fear base behaviors of protecting and proving to freedom based expressions of connecting and expressing.

I’m passionate about this idea of the Modern Urban Hero!

The few, what I’m calling the Modern Urban Hero’s are paving the way for our next level of consciousness to emerge; born from love not fear promoting inclusion versus exclusion, celebrating individual uniqueness versus discrimination, voluntary transparency versus secrecy, all in the spirit of unity verses separation. Many more are needed!

If you’re reading this, YOU are likely a modern urban hero.

What to do:

1. Begin more and more to BE the change by demonstrating both your vulnerability by acknowledging your own wounds and past held limiting beliefs while harnessing the authentic power of being on purpose. Example: I’ve felt weak, fragmented and never enough for most of my life. Today I’m passionately using my gifts in service to wholeness.

2. If still have unhealed wounds from your past , occasionally get hijacked by limiting beliefs or have not found your core purpose-the ONE TRUE GIFT you are mint to live and give , MAKE RESOLVING THIS YOUR PURPOSE!

3. Notice whenever you are tempted to inflate/prove OR deflate/withdraw and make the conscious choice to stop this separating behavior by choosing to connect and express. You may just need to stop in mid sentence and say something like, “I noticed I was attempting to prove something, guess my ego was trying to impress again, oops.” or “I just noticed I’m starting to do my shutting down thing again. I’m letting you know so that you won’t mistake it for being aloof. I’ll share if I have something to contribute, promise.”


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Author's Bio: 

Michael Casteel
Spiritual Psychology, Emotional
Healing & Transformational Life Coaching

What Michael is most passionate about is helping successful yet unfulfilled professionals become hero’s of their own lives by discovering the ONE true gift they were born to live and give, and give it in the most authentic and powerful way.

Michael has over 30 years of experience studying and working with emotional healing and transformation. He holds degrees and certifications in psychology, life coaching, theology, hypnotherapy, energy medicine, breath-therapy, shadow-work and emotional release practices. He is the founder of SOULutions and designer of several transformative programs like the FIRE of Wholeness Breakthrough Experience, Embrace Your Shadow, The Transformational Power Of The Enneagram and The Breath of Life. Michael has presented to thousands of people all over the world, including the 2006 Alliance for a New Humanity with Deepak Chopra.