It’s best to be a Peacemaker

The bible says blessed be the peacemakers which is so true. Now the peacemaker may be blessed because he or she attempts to smooth over things which are not right but I believe that they are blessed because of their state of mind. The peacemaker has to be an individual who is different in character from the people at war.

If I am to be a peacemaker fighting with the people around me is obviously not the first choice in any situation. My first choice is to avoid conflict and accomplish the solution in some other way. Are you a peace maker?

Peace making is motivated by love. The person who seeks to keep the peace has to first have peace in his mind. You must first have confidence in order to have peace. You can only have real peace when you are sure that situations which we face in life won’t overwhelm you. Stress and tension are tied to a feeling of hopelessness about the situation. The person without hope will be stressed because he or she feels that there is just nothing else that they can do.

The man or woman of peace may have gotten that peace through experience, or they may just have it because they have confidence in God. This is a test of a true spiritual relationship. If you have the faith that you profess to have then it will pull you through bad situations.

People are drawn to a peaceful person because they can draw from the confidence that person exudes. The peace maker is a leader. He or she may be an authoritarian type leader but this is not necessarily the type of leader that he or she need to be.

The peace maker has to operate from a position of strength. He or she has learned how to not be affected by the issues of life. When we look at the issues of life they will serve to hold us down. When you look down you go down. When you look up you go up. It’s just that simple. I can liken this to being in a position high above the ground. As a former paratrooper I can liken this to my adventure high on the jump tower located in Ft Benning GA. This tower is two hundred and fifty feet high and when you are hoisted up on a cable you remember each second of your ride. Hanging at the top gives you a commanding view of Ft Benning and the city of Columbus GA. As I looked down at the ground I became panicky. I controlled my panic by looking up at the harness and concentrating on the instructions that the Black Hat Instructor was screaming at me through the loudspeaker. This worked wonderfully but as soon as he stopped giving me instructions the fear began to creep back in.

The key is that in order to maintain peace in any situation you must remain aloof from the situation. You have to know that the situation is real but you must not become entangled in it either. Those who are not at peace are that way because there is some selfish desire that hasn’t been met.

War is the result of someone not being able to get their way. People struggle when their own needs are not met. The peace maker must be selfless. He or she has learned to put the needs of the situation ahead of their own needs. Once again, are you a Peace maker? The Good Life

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