How long have you gone out of your working environment? And when was your last vacation? Aside from the money you earned from your hard work and efforts, what did you get out of it? Well, I am afraid that you would be alarmed after reading through the succeeding paragraphs and suddenly take some time out rather than keep trying to impress your boss or supervisors.

So what do we call that person---a workaholic, that is. The truth is, no matter how old or young you are, where you are or whoever you think you are, you are considered a workaholic if you’re already working more than 12 hours per day. For instance, do you want to look like you are already 50 years old when you are actually still in you 40s? I am not exaggerating—in fact, the workplace itself does not give birth to the workaholics in us, yet it can initiate it.

Workaholic families most likely neglect their kids because they’re seldom able to squeeze in some free and quality bonding time with them. They do not even have the extra energy to talk with their kids, what about educating them with love, care and attention? And all they have left after returning from work are body aches and pains and negative moods.

According to some studies, workaholic parents are most likely to make their marriage end in separation or divorce as compared to the non-workaholic couples. This is certainly bad news for the kids and their overall development. Not including the time you utilize for sleeping, taking a bath, eating your meals, and running some errands, there’s no more free time or space left for your friends and family.

The worst thing is, you’re threatening yourself! As what we all know, engaging oneself in highly intensive work load might lead you to stress, depression, anxiety, and anger than your non-workaholic work mates. Whenever you’re making your way to impress your boss just to get that promotion, then, you’re in fact exciting your blood pressure to rise up very high, similar to getting your turn to the hospital.

Stroke, heart attack and heart disease are the repercussions of high blood pressure. Not just high blood pressure, tension and stress would absolutely make one’s body more prone to other health issues. Whenever you push yourself to your tasks, meetings, deadlines, assignments and projects, you would fail to realize that how time flies.

You could not care less about the time, you missed your meals and you forgot to take a rest. Well, your tummy would more or less remind you of that soon! Do you oftentimes wake up in the middle of the night in pain? Do you also vomit blood or undigested food? If these things are happening to you, then you might be suffering from stomach ulcers.

This can occur from abnormal eating habits like fast food habit, skipping one’s meals, eating too fast and too much caffeine intake. Therefore, it’s high time to get that much needed vacation and enjoy life to the fullest.

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